10 Fantastic Foodie Things to Do In Bath

10 Foodie Things to Do in Bath

Dive into these yummy foodie things to do in Bath!

Independent, artisan, and oh so flavorful…Bath is an ideal destination for food lovers.

Small bakeries, gourmet cheese shops, handmade sweet treats, and gin making experiences are enough to keep you coming back time and time again! As if one really needs an excuse for a Bath getaway.

An abundance of local produce, as well as a thriving vegetarian/vegan scene, make Bath a great place to dive into food experiences.

Ever-evolving, there is always something to capture your culinary attention in Bath.

So, if you love exploring a destination through food, you’re going to want to devour the ideas below!

10 Foodie Things To Do In Bath

Food is one of the biggest pleasures in life and a great way to experience other cultures.

When traveling, I like to seek out experiences that showcase local, organic, fresh &/or sustainable selections.

And if there are passionate people working behind the products, well then that’s all the better.

Healthy & real food experiences are a part of wellness travel, and I’m a passionate advocate of any experience that makes for healthier travels.

As well as any time spent that supports the mind & body.

View of Bath England from Alexandra Park

I love Bath! Georgian architecture is my thing, so regular visits are always on the travel list.

There are so many wellness things to do in Bath. And in between architectural wanders and countryside walks, I’m always keen to explore and experience more tastes.

I research before each trip to England, so there is an ever-growing bucket list of places to try.

Like The Bath Priory and The Packhorse, which are both known for their views!

But until I can eat my way through all of Bath, here are ten of my favorites foodie things to do in Bath. All worth the trip.

The Pump Room

Since we are in Bath, let’s kick off with a quintessential Georgian experience…afternoon tea at The Pump Room.

The Facade of The Pump Room Restaurant in Bath England

Located right next to The Roman Baths, you won’t get a more elegant backdrop than this spacious Georgian room.

The air is filled with the classical musical notes of The Pump Room trio, making it a relaxing way to spend any afternoon.

The Earl Gray tea may be the best I have ever had, seriously! And my mom raves about the lemon poppy seed cake.

Colonna & Smalls

This is the place to explore & experience quality coffee. Here, they take their coffee seriously.

Cappuccino on a Table in Colonna and Smalls Artisan Coffee Shop

Colonna & Small’s is an uncompromising artisan coffee shop where all the baristas are professionally trained. And it sure shows. The staff is friendly and eager to engage in conversation.

You will hear things like “it’s plummy at the bottom”. It’s coffee education 101, or 201 if you are a connoisseur!

They have a lengthy coffee menu and rotate their blends regularly. So, there is always something new to expand your coffee palate.

Understated and filled with locals, it’s a bright and airy space where you escape the crowds and enjoy that first glorious sip in peace.

This is my favorite self-care ritual and the quality coffee here makes this place a winner in my book. And, the small outdoor garden surrounded by beautiful Georgian architecture is a mindful spot to begin your day.

Good Day Cafe

I knew when I saw the dog water bowl by the door that I was going to like this place!

This summer I stopped by this delightful dog-friendly cafe to try their beetroot latte. Trying a plant latte has on my bucket list for a long time.

The staff was friendly and the vibe was cheerful. Being here certainly put a smile on my face, especially the Doggos of Good Day photo wall upstairs.

Next time I’m all in for trying the toasted banana bread with yogurt.

Landrace Bakery

When someone who knows food recommended this on their IG feed, I added it to the bucket list. Thank you Colin!

I love that their bread is organic, stone milled and made with wild yeast. And every single loaf is made from scratch.

To tempt your palate, there are fresh-baked loaves of bread, sweets, & a small food menu.

I went for the toastie (grilled cheese) on sourdough bread. The bread was top quality, the Westcombe cheddar was gooey and the homemade pickles were the perfect side.

Thoughtful Bread Company

Walking into this snug space is a treat for the eyes and nose. If you aren’t hungry before you arrive, you will be soon thereafter!

This artisan bakery-cafe-bakery school certainly packs a punch.

Pastries and sweets sit alongside rustic loaves of bread, sandwiches and colorful salads. So many choices, so little time.

They also have a stand at the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market. So if you are short on time, this may be a good one-stop foodie solution.


The Corkage is a restaurant, wine bar, and bottle shop rolled up into one delightful package.

It’s inventive British food, wines from around the world, and ambiance. The Corkage has it all.

It’s food as its meant to be.

Small Plate Entrees at The Corkage Restaurant in Bath England

I had seen great reviews on the internet, so this summer I made sure to reserve a table. And I am so glad that I did! It was one of the most enjoyable dining experiences I have had in a long time.

The Corkage has two locations in Bath, Chapel Row & Walcot Street. They specialize in small plates and have a rotating menu.

The Crab & Celeriac on sourdough toast was a real treat!

The atmosphere was inviting, relaxed, and social. It was like having dinner in a local neighborhood joint. My advice, book now!

Hare & Hounds

This pub is a 1.5-mile uphill walk from the city center, but oh so worth it for the food and the view!

The food is freshly prepared using local produce. So, entrees like the leek soup are nourishing and flavorful.

A View of Hare and Hound Pub in Bath England

This stone-built inn that seamlessly blends into the Somerset landscape is an ideal way to spend a few hours, any season of the year.

You can enjoy dinner from inside as you gaze out the paned windows. Or order a drink on the terrace and take in the sweeping views.

View From The Terrace at Hare and Hound Pub in bath England

If you are an olive fan, you won’t be disappointed with the marinated mix. Next to a drink of course!

Street Food

With a wide array of festivals, comes plenty of opportunities to munch on street food.

These are the fun foodie things to do in Bath!

Vegan Street Food from Bath Boules Summer Festival in Bath England

This past summer during The Bath Boules charity event, I had a fantastic vegan burger, as well as tasty fish & chips from The Sea Scallop.

Being outdoors and taking in the lively atmosphere is an engaging & fun way to experience local life! l

If you like grilled food, cajun or sweet potato fries check out the LJ Hugs pop-up stand on Southgate Street.

They’ve been awarded The Trip Advisor Certificate Of Excellence, are rated one of the top restaurants in Bath, and often there’s a cue (a telltale sign it is food worth waiting for).

In addition, they have got to be some of the friendliest vendors out there. Oh, and reasonably priced too!

Bath Farmers Market

Farm Fresh, every Saturday morning. Get ready for some eye candy with this foodie thing to do jn Bath!

Farmers Market at Green Park Starion in Bath England

Every Saturday from 9-1:30, Green Park Market hosts the weekly farmers market.

Wander through the maze of tables and take in the fresh food culture. Fruits & veggies, local cheeses, game, chutneys & fresh bread are just a few of the things you will find.

If you have accommodation with a kitchen, it’s the perfect place to pick up fresh food to make dinner.

The Fine Cheese Co.

This foodie thing to do in Bath is traditional cheese heaven, tucked away in the charming artisan quarter of Walcot!

Facade of The The Fine Cheese Company in Bath England

This cheese shop has a lovely range of mostly cheeses both British and European. The perfect stop if you want to pack a picnic for the park.

Yet, the best part could be that it’s really two shops in one. A cheese shop and a cafe (with its own chefs)!

As well as offering fresh pastries and a quality espresso machine, what more could you ask for? A glass of wine to go with the cheese you say? Well, they have that too!

Foodie stops don’t get much better than this.

I hope these spots have fueled your food inspiration for your next trip. If you know of any great foodie things in Bath, send them my way!

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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