10 Magical Reasons to Fall in Love With Italy

10 Reasons to Love Italy

Discover 10 magical reasons why you just might fall head over heels in love with Italy!


There’s so much to love. Perhaps too much for just one lifetime!

We all know the allure of Italy. The romance, the art, the landscapes, the food, and then there’s the wine!

There are endless reasons why we fall in love with Italy. And for every one of us who does so, there is a beautiful story behind the love affair.

10 Reasons to Love Italy

10 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love With Italy

Growing up Italian-American in The US, Italy was just a part of who I was, a given.

Yet, it wasn’t until I traveled back as an adult that I came to truly fall in love with Italy.

One summer while visiting with my family I realized that Italy was where I wanted to be. Where I was supposed to be. I felt something tugging at my heart and soul…in a way that I’d never experienced before.

The feeling quickly grew and I began to chase the dream. Lucky for me, a few years later it came true and in 2001, I packed up and moved to Italy!

That was the moment that I learned that while life may take you to distant places, love brings you home…

Since I am lucky enough to call Bella Italia home, it seemed poetic that the first post here on Travels & Inspiration celebrate Italy.

It’s hard to imagine narrowing the list down to a hundred reasons to fall in love with Italy, let alone ten. Still, I gave it a whirl.

Simply put, these are a few of the things that fill my heart with joy and make my days brighter.

Yet, these just aren’t simply reasons to fall in love with Italy. They are things that will change you.

They are the aspects of life that have helped me to appreciate the beauty in every day, filled me with genuine gratitude and elevated my well-being. Making me a better version of myself!

So without further ado, here are 10 reasons why Italy stole my heart many years ago. And why I think you’ll fall in love with her too!

Italy is Full of Surprises

Just when you think you have seen it all, Italy will still manage to surprise you.

Italy has a way of keeping you in the moment and throwing the unexpected your way.

Fall in Love with Italy

Sometimes throwing away the agenda, and just taking it all in allows for the most candid and unforgettable moments. No matter how big or small.

Really, how often do you sit down on the side of a fountain to be joined by a pigeon comically working so hard to drink out of a statue?

This moment in Siena left me chuckling all afternoon!

Italy is Amazingly Diverse

From the mountains to the oceans, from the north to south, and from one town to the next, Italy is surprisingly diverse.

In fact, some places in Italy feel a bit more like other European countries!

The Dolomites have an Italy meets Germany feel, Friuli is a marriage of the eastern and western Europe and Sicily…well it’s just another world.

10 Reasons You'll Love Italy

Simply put, Italy is a cultural superpower and that makes traveling all the more awesome.

Just think of it as an infusion of traditions, architecture, foods, languages, dialects, sub-dialects (yes, there is such a thing) and customs technically all rolled up into one country.

Yet in reality, each little corner of Italy feels like its own little world.

Italy Fills The Senses

Italy is a treat for the senses!

It’s so simple to wander and just be with the moment. It’s authentic and mindful travel at its best!

From gazing across the romantic landscapes to soaking up the warm seaside sun, one can’t help but become immersed in la dolce vita.

Reasons to Love Italy

Life in Italy comes to life with the sweet smell of the local pastry shop, the first mouthwatering taste of pizza or being surrounded by local cafe chatter.

Those are the little things I miss when I’m in America!

The Healthy Way of Life

Italians have the work-life balance down to an art.

Reasons to Love Italy

Their appreciation of beauty in all forms seeps into their desire to enjoy life, live passionately, and simply be with one another.

This constantly reminds me and my rather type A personality to stop and smell the roses…or drink the wine! And undoubtedly, it will do the same for you.

The Art & Architecture, It’s Everywhere

Florence. Rome. Venice.
And everywhere in between.
Beauty is everywhere!

Reasons You'll Fall in Love with Italy

Art and Architecture are the building blocks of Italy and give you visual pleasure at every turn.  

Whether you are indoors or outdoor there is beauty everywhere. And let’s face it, even the old derelict stuff here can be charming!

The Church Bells Make You Swoon

Hands down, this is one of my favorite things about living in Italy! It just makes me smile.

10 Reasons You'll Fall in Love with Italy

In Italy, church bells mark the day in the background noise of life.

They create an auditory rhythm that seems every bit as normal to me as the morning coffee ritual.

After all of these years, it’s hard to imagine daily life without the bells and it’s another thing I miss when I’m in America.

The Simplicity of the Coffee Ritual

Life in Italy without coffee is, well…simply unimaginable!

Reasons to Love Italy

Honestly, I only grew to appreciate coffee after moving to Italy. And by the way, I’m so glad did, because now it’s one of the best parts of my day!

The coffee here is more than the first glorious sip or the wafting aroma as you enter the cafe.

It’s about taking time out of your day to pause and connect, with yourself and others. It’s a tiny piece of daily self-care.

It’s not just the coffee that keeps me coming back to my favorite haunts, it’s the people.

It’s about how I feel when I am there.
At home.
Like a worn glove.

The Relaxing Afternoon Prosecco

Along with a morning coffee, I would add an afternoon Prosecco (or evening, I’m not picky) to the list of things that make the day sweeter.

Fall in Love with Italy

Some of my fondest memories with friends have been over a glass, or even a bottle of Prosecco. And let me tell you, a trip into the heart of The Veneto region’s Prosecco country is an even better delight!

But, go soon, my friends.

Having just been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, things might just start to get busy.

Fresh From The Oven Pizza

Every good Italian should have a healthy relationship with pizza, me included! 

Reasons to Love Italy

With simple and fresh ingredients, there is nothing like a bubbling pizza straight out of the wood fire oven.

Add in watching a pizzaiolo spin & twirl dough, and it’s mesmerizing. And undoubtedly the reason why UNESCO declared the culinary practice of intangible culture in 2017.

Be sure to eat pizza multiple times each trip and try different toppings. You might just be surprised what combinations go down a treat!

Charming Villages, Where Time Has Stood Still…

Villages, villages everywhere!

I love villages because they offer an intimate glimpse into Italian life.

Reasons to Love Italy

It’s as if time has stood still in some corners of Italy, making them great spots to explore like a local.

I find it easy to get swept up into another place and time, and just enjoy the moment. Especially given so many of these hamlets & villages are are quiet and unpopulated.

If you want off the beaten path in Italy, this is where you will find it!

The Awe of The Dolomites

Oh, these mountains!

The Dolomites are a UNESCO World Heritage Site for good reason. They are stunning, majestic and every so often they take your breath away.

Beyond the raw beauty, the mountain culture in Italy is unique. It’s a mix of Alpine, Italy and Germanic culture all rolled into one.

Reasons to Love Italy

The Dolomites are sometimes overlooked by visitors, but high on my list of places to spend my free time.

Cortina is one of my favorite day trips & places to hike and the region of South Tyrol is a hidden wellness playground.

I never come back from time in the mountains feeling anything less than happy and inspired. In the grind of everyday life, what a gift that can be!

The Endless Inspiration

In small and big ways, Italy inspires me just about every single day.

Some days it is the grand architecture. Other days it is the beauty of the landscape. And often it is something simple like shared moments with family and friends.

I find myself often moved.

Italy awakens you to the possibilities of life. It has a way of reminding you to be grateful while at the same time compelling you to embrace every single moment.

Which is a wonderful gift indeed.

Simply Put, Italy is Unforgettable

Once you visit Italy, life is never the same.

Italy will change you, in ways you’ve never imagined.

Fall in Love with Italy

Bella Italia sneaks into your heart and soul. And casts a spell you can’t seem to shake.

But then again, I doubt anybody would want to…

until the next time... well – travel well – be well

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