10 Wellness Things To Do In Bath

It’s not hard to fall in love with Bath…
The landscapes, the parks, the thermal waters.
Bath was built for pleasure and relaxation.
Making it the perfect match for wellness.

Bath is well-known as a wellness destination, and for centuries it has been celebrated as a place of well-being.

Early on, the Romans settled Bath using the mineral-rich springs as a thermal spa.

Later the Georgians made their mark by building a place of pilgrimage with pleasure and relaxation in mind.

Fast forward to this century and in 1987 Bath became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Included for it’s Roman remains, the Georgian architecture & town planning, the social setting, the hot springs, and the landscape.

It’s a lot of spectacular in one destination!

And that’s what makes Bath so unique, the whole package. It’s perfect for the wellness traveler in all of us.

The experience of fresh air as you stroll the countryside. The contemplative views over the honey-colored stone terraces. The parks & gardens built to enjoy. Add in the thermal waters (the only ones in the UK), and it’s close to perfect.

If you are looking to recharge or relax & unwind, read on to get inspired about wellness in Bath.

Wellness In Bath

I love Georgian architecture, it’s my thing! That makes Bath a somewhat regular stop when visiting England.

Bath is quick & easy to access from London. The past two summers it has been an easy stop-over on my way down to Cornwall. Another place I absolutely love!

Bath is good for the mind, body, & spirit.

10 Wellness Inspired Things to Do in Bath England

As a passionate advocate for wellness travel, I am always looking for ways to maintain and enrich my health & well-being on the road.

My long term habit has always been to practice simple tips for healthier travels. Then once I arrive at a destination, I look for other ways to support my mind & body and incorporate wellness into travel.

Here I am sharing a few of the wellness-themed things that I think are worth experiencing in Bath.

While there is so much to choose from, these ten ideas would easily fit into a day trip or weekend itinerary.

Thermae Bath Spa

When in Bath… first and foremost, head to the spa!

If you are looking to de-stress & relax the mind and body, Thermae Bath Spa is the place for you.

Even if your time is limited, a self-care stop at this famous spa is a must. A two-hour spa session at The Royal Bath allows you to access to the warm indoor baths, steam rooms, and the roof-top pool.

The roof-top pool is quite a unique experience. There is something soothing about floating around underneath the open sky, nestled in with the Georgian architectural grandeur. I look forward to it every time!

If you have more time to spare, there are numerous packages that combine the two-hour session with other spa treatments. Great for a pick me up! Any way around, you are guaranteed to walk away feeling lighter.

Walk To The View

Have 90 minutes? If so, this walk is for you!

View of Bath from The National Trust Walk To The View Trail

The self-lead National Trust Walk To The View is perfect if you have a busy itinerary.

The three-mile circular is easy to access as it starts and ends at the tourist information center right next to Bath Abbey. It meanders through grand streets and gardens, then along the canal to Bathwick Fields.

The best part is the sweeping birds-eye views of the city. 

This short walk is ideal if you are short on time, yet you soak in the famous sites, stretch your legs and get some fresh air. It’s a great way to stay in shape on the road!

Beyond The Kale

This cafe is plant based yumminess!

Sign for Beyond The Kale Vegan Restaurant in Bath England

I fell in love with this cafe years ago when I first tried their fresh-made beet juice.

Located in Green Park Market, Beyond The Kale the perfect spot to fuel up with a juice, smoothie or a plant-based meal before wandering the stalls and independent shops.

Thoughtful Bread Company

Artisan. Fresh. Delicious.

It’s easy to see why this eco-artisan bakery is award-winning, and apparently often the home of a cue!

Thoughtful Bread Company Sandwich

You can grab a sweet treat or savory bite to go, or dine-in. But, you may want to get there early for sunday brunch if you want a table.

The pastries are delectable and the bread is phenomenal. But, what do I love most? The vegetarian Croque Monsieur. It is out of this world good!

Made with Portobello mushrooms and served on their famous sourdough bread, every bite is heaven. It’s a lovely surprise to find a vegetarian version of this French classic, and it just might be better than the traditional ham version.

Acorn Restaurant

This sustainable restaurant knows how to serve creative veggies!

Acorn Sustainable Vegan Restaurant in Bath England

The tasting menu at The Acorn is a good way to experience all that this organic vegetarian oasis has to offer.

Adding to the charm, it’s located in a beautiful old building in the city center. Real food dining at its best! Oh, and definitely book ahead. This place is an institution.

If you love food, don’t miss: 10 Foodie Things To Do In Bath.

The Bath WI Garden

This tiny corner of the world is an oasis of calm. A place you can relax , be fully present & just be.

It’s a hidden gem.

The Bath Women's Institute Edible Garden in Victoria Park

The WI Garden is a community garden located in the heart of The Botanic Gardens, in Victoria Park. It’s entirely made up of edible plants and flowers.

I stumbled upon it by accident this summer while wandering through the Botanic Gardens. It was a lovely and unexpected surprise.

I sat for what seemed like forever on the old wrought iron bench, sampled some mint, and spent some while pondering how I could possibly recreate a bathtub planter like this at home in Italy! Still working on that plan…

It was a quiet and blissful experience. Mindful travel at its best.

Prior Park Landscape Garden

A quiet sweeping valley in the heart of Bath? Yep, Prior Park!

Prior Park Landscape Garden in Bath England, An Ideal Place to Walk

This 18th Century Landscape Garden is a favorite spot of mine in Bath. There is something timeless about Prior Park.

It’s the ideal place to amble and enjoy nature. Yet the focal point is actually a stunning and rare Palladian footbridge, one of only four in the world.

It’s a wide-open, yet intimate space. Add with the cows roaming the field and you feel like you walked right into a landscape painting.

Read more about it: A Stroll In Prior Park Landscape Garden.

The Kennet & Avon Canal

Enter a world of waterway tranquility along the Kennet & Avon Canal.

Lowboat on The Kennet and Avon Canal Docked Next to The Walking and Cycling Path

The canal is certainly a mindful and picturesque place to walk, run or cycle. A beautiful place to think or relax.

Almost every trip, I spend some time here. No matter the weather or season, it’s always enjoyable.

And, of course, Being on the towpath and seeing the longboats up close and personal is a quintessentially British experience.

Hershel Museum of Astronomy

Hershel is a quaint museum that will help you ponder the stars.

William Hershel Museum

This off the beaten path museum is an opportunity to grow your brain cells and learn about astronomy.

19 New King Street is a lovely terraced Georgian house in Bath. Ordinary, except in the fact that it’s where William Hershel first discovered the planet Uranus.

Hershel and his sister Caroline lived here and watched the stars from their formal garden with a telescope of his own making. It’s an inspirational and educational experience all rolled into one.

It’s an opportunity to tuck the modern-day phone and away and be transported to a life of simpler times.

Beazer Garden Maze

This contemplative experience is centrally located right next to Pulteney Bridge on The River Avon.

The Walkable Beazer Garden Maze in Bath England

The maze is actually a petite garden labyrinth that was inspired by the city’s Georgian architecture. Although really, it’s more like a paved puzzle 🙂

The cool thing about a labyrinth is that no matter which direction you take, you will always come back to the same spot. I think the idea is to get lost in contemplation.

Which I did until I befriended two dogs playing fetch. It added a bit of happiness to my morning and was a positive way to start the day.

Because I happen to love Bath, the goodness doesn’t stop here.

You can find even more about Bath travels that inspire well-being on the T & I Bath Wellness Travel Guide. Including information quiet places, mindful spaces, inspiring walks, spas, accommodations, and more.

Bath is so much more than glorious architecture and history. It’s a place to be experienced.

A place to relax, stretch your legs, & reset your well-being.

Making it well worth the trip!

until the next time
… live well – travel well – be well

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