8 Wellness Things To Do In Krakow

8 Wellness Inspired Things to Do in Krakow

Krakow deserves to be on every traveler’s bucket list. It’s a historic city with castles, cathedrals, cafes, and of course some wellness inspired things to do!

Krakow is a bit of a fairytale world, full of cobblestoned streets, horse-drawn carriages, and pretty churches.

The Old Town (Stare Miastro) is one of the most impressive medieval locations in Europe. Not to mention, The Main Market Square is truly one of the most beautiful squares in Europe.

With a wealth of architectural influences, Krakow will enchant you with its charms.

8 Wellness Inspired Things to Do in Krakow

A few years ago I visited Warsaw and fell in love with the Stare Miasto (Old Town). After that, Krakow immediately went on the bucket list. For years, my friends insisted Krakow was a must-see. And goodness were they right!

This year I was fortunate enough to spend three days there over Thanksgiving break and it didn’t disappoint!

Believe it or not, besides the many historic things to do, there are lots of easy ways to work some wellness into your adventures too.

Come along & see for yourself.

Wellness Inspired Things To Do In Krakow

I’m a big fan of wellness travel, and always on the lookout for experiences that enrich the mind, body & spirit.

It’s really a great way to travel as everyone can benefit from a wellness approach.

My trips are much richer when they include some simple healthy habits.

Then, based on the location, I also look for other wellness elements to incorporate. Things that enhance the mind & body.

Today, I’m sharing a bit of what Krakow has to offer. These are a few of the wellness things to do that I really enjoyed, and think you will too!

Walk Scenic Planty Park

Planty Park encircles the Old Town section of Krakow.

Sitting where the medieval wall once stood, today it is a chain of 31 smaller parks. Each with its own style and adornments.

Planty Park Walkway and Benches for Exercise and Contemplation

It’s an ideal place for a scenic walk or run, and easily worked into some sightseeing of the historic area.

There are lots of benches too, making it the perfect spot to sit and experience calm under an umbrella of trees.

If it’s peace & quiet you crave, visit it early in the morning before the city wakes.

You will just about have the place to yourself. It’s a perfect tech-free experience to digitally detox from modern life.

Bike The Vistula River

The Vistula river meanders through Krakow for over 30 kilometers, making it an ideal place to walk, run or bike.

Tourist Rental Bike in Krakow Poland

There are few boats or ships, making it a relaxing place to contemplate or reflect as you take in the historic sites, bridges and green embankment. 

You’re bound to appreciate the commanding view of The Wawel Castle from the riverside walkway, it’s grand and inspiring.

Eat Polish Slow Food at Enoteca Pergamin

This place was the biggest surprise of my trip to Krakow.

Had my friend not recommended it, sadly I would’ve walked right by.

8 Wellness Inspired Things to Do in Krakow

There are two great reasons to dine at Enoteka Pergamin.

First, it is a certified Polish Slow Food Restaurant. Which means good food and good for the planet. A leisurely lunch with a friend and good food is always a magical way to spend a few hours on any trip.

Slow Food in Krakow

Secondly, like most of Krakow, the basement level is a beautiful mix of old bricks and vaulted ceilings.

So, be sure to find the bar downstairs for a drink. Here, the atmosphere is every bit as good as the wine!

Eat Vegetarian at Hamsa

Located in the old and atmospheric Jewish quarter, this hummus and happiness ristobar is the place to stop for a multisensory food experience

Healthy Eating In Krakow

You will be welcomed by wafting aromas and stimulated by the colorful food presentation, all before your taste buds even get a chance to dance across the plate!

They cater to all diets and for me, it was the perfect place for vegetarian fare. I mindfully savored every bite!

Find Contemplative Views at Wawel Castle

A visit to The Wawel Castle is a must on any trip to Krakow, but not just for the history.

With medieval, baroque, and renaissance influences it’s architecturally inspiring.

As are the views from the castle walls.

Be sure to plan some time here to just roam and take in the views, as well as see the church & castle.

Take A Lazy Stroll in Kazimierz

The historic Jewish quarter of Krakow is the perfect place to relax, slow down your pace, and take in your surroundings.

You know, to embrace some relaxing self-care as you wander.

Before it was destroyed during WW2, it was the center of Jewish life.

Today it’s a quiet gem in the heart of Krakow.

With cobblestoned streets and old textured facades, being here is like stepping back in time. Making it a great place for a mindful walk, with or without your camera.

Wander Rakowicki Cemetery

Rakowicki is the largest and most prestigious burial grounds in Krakow. Some of the most important artists, politicians, and statesmen in Polish history are buried here.

Established in the early 18th century, it has plenty of beautiful sepulchral art and statues.

Rakowicki Cemetery Krakow

Wander to the right of the main entrance to find the oldest past, which is like stepping back into the 18th century. Many of mausoleums, tombstones, and statues are works of art & craftsmanship in and of themselves.  

I was there in late November, not long after All Saints’ and All Souls’ days (1 & 2 November).

Every single grave had a candle and most were still adorned with flowers. It was touching to see how the Polish honor their loved ones, and a pensive experience.

Be Festive at The Christmas Market

Every year at Christmas, Krakow’s main square comes to life with festive holiday cheer. 

Rustic wooden stalls sell artisan wares and the smells of Polish food fills the air. Wanding around the market is a great way to experience Polish culture and mix with locals.

Definitely plan to kick back here and eat, or have a sweet treat.

Find more on this beautiful city here: November in Krakow: A Mindful Photo Walk.

What do you think?

Which of these wellness things to do in Krakow sounds best to you?

Whichever floats your boat, I hope these ideas help you find well-being & inspiration on your trip to Krakow. It’s an under-rated European city, so go book that trip before the secret gets out!

until the next time…
…live well ~ travel well ~ be well

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