I'm Deanna...a teacher, photographer, & dreamer who passionately believes in travel as a way to better well-being.

join me in the quest to...

Tune-in, Thrive & Transform..

Travels & Inspiration is about a different way of traveling...

It's about travel as an intentional way to reset.

It's about tuning into what your mind & body need, mindfully exploring, & fully experiencing your travels.

Above all, it's about proactively using your inner guidance, as well as tools like self-reflection, mindfulness, photography, & self-care to create getaways that fill your bucket.

... through travel.

My path to better well-being began years ago...

I'm Deanna, an American-Italian living and working in NE Italy. Some years ago I was experiencing burnout from working long hours in the field of Sports Medicine. I loved my career field, yet I knew it was time to make a change. There was a need for a better balance in my life & as it turns out, Italy was calling!

In 2001, I moved near my Italian family for the adventure of a new job, to travel more & to experience Italian life more deeply. This move also provided endless opportunities to explore my other lifelong hobby, photography!

and so... 

Over the years, I left my workaholic ways behind and built a life around wellness, travel, & photography. Travels & Inspiration is an extension of those experiences. 

I draw on my professional background, a MS in Athletic Training along with a BS in Health & Physical Education, to integrate health & well-being content with travel. And that's what you'll find here, meaningful travel experiences that enrich & inspire well-being.

I created Travels & Inspiration (or T & I as I like to call it) to promote the joys & inspirations of pursuing a life of wellness & travel. 

My work sits at the intersection of wellness, personal development, & travel.


T & I's content highlights escapes and experiences that enhance the mind, body & spirit.

You'll find tools, tips, guides, & resources to help you travel in ways that connect, transform & inspire.

The content is rich in photo walks & hikes, outdoor adventures, mindful travel experiences, and self-care travel tips. As well as activities that promote rest, relaxation, & self-discovery.

What I believe about wellness...

I believe wellness is a pathway to optimal living. An intentional way to live.

A pursuit of energy, balance, fulfillment & a little sanity (or some days a lot)! It's about showing up every day, for better or worse. And nourishing our minds, our bodies & our dreams. So we can meet our full potential.

I believe that travel greatly enriches life & is one of the best investments we can make in ourselves. It's an ideal avenue for well-being, personal growth & transformation. To redirect us back to ourselves when needed. And it's an endless source of inspiration.

As for me...

I am simply trying to live my best life. Trying to thrive.

Looking for inspiration & wanting to share the thoughtful things I find along the way. Things that are worth experiencing. Everything I have learned about health & well-being has grown out of my professional experiences, along with a mix of hard work, experimentation & listening to my own intuition.

There's certainly no magic formula. Some days I get it right, and others it's more of a work in progress. But, it's given me a solid toolkit to build on & if my approach resonates with you, then I'm happy to share everything I know.

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Alpe di siusi, DOLOMITES


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"WE DON"T NEED MAGIC to transform the world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already."

— J.K. rowling




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