The Secrets to Being Mindfully Present in Travel

10 Ideas to be more present in travel. So you can discover a more grounded way to explore the world and unwrap the gift of the present.

It’s not easy to live in the moment.

Modern life moves fast and there are distractions all around.

Anxiety and stress have become more common place, leaving us yearning for travel adventures where we can leave the distractions behind and experience some much deserved rest and relaxation.

The gift of being present, is one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves.

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Much has been written about being mindful or present in the moment. Similarly, I’ve written here about mindful travel, travel as a way to better well-being and the importance self-care.

The more I learn about how to be a healthier, happier and better person, the more I strive to be present in life.

It matters.

In fact, mindfulness is often referred to as a foundation of well-being.

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally. It’s really a practice of increasing your awareness to your surroundings and feelings.

The Secrets to Being Mindfully Present in Travel

Since being present can be summoned any minute of the day, it has huge potential in helping us fully experience life.

The more we are present, the more we can engage with life.

By devoting our full attention to each travel experience as it happens, we’re bound to appreciate the moment more.

While being more present doesn’t make every moment perfect, it’s surprising how much stress can be reduced and joy can found by just “being here now.”

So, what would being more present look or feel like when we’re on our travel adventures?
Let’s dive in and find out

Why Be More Present When You Travel?

To counteract the stress of modern life, more and more people are looking to travel as a way to reset. It’s no wonder that traveling with a wellness focus is growing fast, people want to be well.

To make the most of our travel experiences, we want to be fully present.

To use mindfulness to explore.

The benefits of mindfulness are nothing to scoff at, and they include things like:

  • creating more calm or peace
  • deepening our connections…with people, places & the planet
  • becoming more self-aware
  • being less judgemental & more open
  • improving overall health

Being present also helps us live with passion and purpose.

Yet, it’s not always easy. Modern life on autopilot pulls us in every direction. We ruminate about the past and fret about the future.

Sometimes it can feel like too much.

Yet, with some intention, being present is a simple way enhance and deepen our experiences.

Being Present is a Tool to Better Well-Being

There’s no place we’d rather be when we travel than the here and now!

Now more than ever, we need be proactive about our health and make time to mindfully recharge the batteries. So perhaps there’s no more engaging way to do that, than travel.

The Secrets of Being Present in Travel

Since mindfulness is the practice of being at ease with the moment, just think of it as one more tool to help you cultivate well-being.

Bring Your Mindful Self Care with You

Since mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on being aware of what you’re sensing in the moment, there are countless ways to bring it to everyday life.

Perhaps you already have formal practices such as meditation or yoga. And if so, it’s easy to bring these activities with you on the road.

It can be inspiring to practice in new places.

Just imagine starting your day by tuning-into to your mind & body somewhere scenic and simply breathing slowly. Feeling the natural rhythms of your mind and body.

The Secrets of Being Present in Travel

In fact, taking time to tune-in has given during my adventures has given me cherished memories.

Moments like morning breath work in the Tuscan countryside, yoga on a grassy Dolomite meadow and meditating on The Cornwall coast with the waves.

As you well know, the possibilities to personalize your well-being are endless with travel.

So, let’s get down to it! Here are 10 ideas for being more present when you travel.

10 Ways to Be More Present in Travel

So, how do we find our way to being more present during travel?

Well the secret is, there are actually many ways to bring mindfulness to your day. Making it simple and flexible to tap into what work best for you. Here are some great ideas to strengthen your wellness travel toolkit.

Dive-in to these 10 ideas to befriend yourself, experience better well-being and craft more rewarding travels.

Craft a Mindful Itinerary

Kick-off your adventures with intentional planning.

Take a moment to think about what kind of restorative experiences would work for you. Consider incorporating aspects that would give you a heightened sense of presence.

Mindful Dolomite Hotel

Research your destination to find out what type of accommodation would promote mindfulness. Perhaps a place with close proximity to nature or a hotel spa with mind body treatments.

Then look for local activities you that allow you to be more present: maybe visit a garden, take a wildlife excursion or try a yoga class.

For example, photography checks the boxes for me. It’s an ideal activity for being present during travel, so

mindful photo walks and hikes frequently appear on my agenda.

And don’t forget about museums, they’re unique spaces that many people associate with a sense of calm and contemplation. Making them ideal for being present.

Simply Sit & Observe

To discover things about our travels and ourselves, we need to make time for curious observation.

It helps to connect us with ourselves and others and provides the seeds for personal growth!

Simply observe the world around you…the people, places & things that make up the fabric of travel.

The Secrets to Being Mindfully Present in Travel

Observing is a great way to appreciate with the beauty all around us. Yet, it’s something that’s easy to miss as we rush from one travel adventure to the next.

But, taking time to seek beauty can inspire awe which is know to boost happiness and connection.

So, be sure to take time and let the world go by.

Let Your Senses Lead the Way

It’s hard to slow down and notice things in a busy world.

Yet, just think of all the wonder that is experienced through our five senses.

We use them non-stop when we travel; we take photographs, look at sights and savor meals.

Think about it, things like the smell of coffee in Rome or the colors at The Grand Bazar in Istanbul, bring the experiences to life.

Mindfully Present in Travel

Our senses are how we experience the world, so tuning in to all of your senses- touch, taste, sound, sight & smell to connect with each moment.

Explore the Outdoors to Be More Present

Nature has an amazing way of bringing us into the present.

When we’re in nature the distractions and stimuli disappear, making it that much easier to be be present. Often, it feels a million miles away from our human-made problems, so its peaceful & comforting.

Deepening our connection with nature is also important to our overall health and well-being.

The Secrets to Being Mindfully Present in Travel

When you sit in the warm sun or feel the breeze on your face, your stresses melt away.

In addition, times passes differently when we are in the elements. No schedule, no meetings, no need to be anywhere…other than present.

And when you have nowhere to rush to, it’s easy to be in the moment.

Mindfully Eat

Let’s face it, we all love to explore new destinations through food.

It’s an ideal way to experience different places and cultures. As well as, the perfect time to tune-in to the moment with mindfulness.

Eating is a multi-sensory experience. So, be sure to minimize distractions and use your senses to take in the full experience.

Mindful Eating in Travel

Appreciate the aromas, textures and flavors. See if you can identify ingredients.

Eat what you love, try news foods and be grateful for the opportunity to refuel and recharge your mind & body. And don’t forget to give thanks for the meal and those who helped prepare and bring it to the table.

Be Grateful

There are so many small things that contribute to the quality of the day.

Making time to practice gratitude will help you tune into your mind & body and fill you with a sense of peace.

Try to notice all of the things that make the days better when you journey the world.

The Secrets to Being Mindfully Present in Travel

Take a few moments each day to be grateful for everything your body and mind offers. As well as, the people and places around you.

Give thanks to your body for carrying you through the day. Give thanks for different cultures. Give thanks for all the gifts of the earth.

By stopping to acknowledge the good, you are being fully present in sharing your gratitude with the universe.

Disconnect from Devices

We all need to take a break from the news cycle and social media once in a while, to tend to our own self-care.

It’s a way to recharge the batteries.

Travel provides the perfect opportunity to take a break from the attention fatigue that seems to be ever more present in modern life.

Mindful Sunset Dolomites

Don’t get me wrong, cell phones are a fun & convenient tool for capturing the moment and keeping track of travel logistics.

Yet, we all need breaks from the screen, as to better be in the present.

Try one of these ideas to digitally detox on your next adventure:

  • take a mental photo instead (close your eyes at a captivating spot and commit the moment to memory)
  • turn on airplane mode on for a set period of time & focus on using your senses to explore
  • commit to a device free meal time, so you can better connect with people & places

Find Space for Reflection

Reflection is an invitation to pause, reflect, and reset.

Mindful reflection allows us to be open and curious to our experiences, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

It is a time to slow down and tune-in to the mind & body. So we can be fully present in the moment.

The Secrets of Being Mindfully Present in Travel

Reflection is an enhanced mindful practice because it syncs us to where we are and how we are experiencing our travels.

In addition, it turns our attention inward and helps us to be with ourselves. Which is an important part of well-being and self growth.

Wander Your Destination without Agenda

Leave the expectations behind and indulge your natural instinct to explore.

Give yourself the gift of unplanned time to roam without agenda.

Put aside a block of time to just wander & get lost!

With an open mind and heart, go where the wind blows and let the experience unfold. Don’t sell the experiences short, just be with the moment.

Simply let go and see where the wind blows you.

Embrace Slow Travel

Join the slow travel movement and take-in all the joyous details around you.

The Italians get a lot of things right, and the birth of The Slow Movement is certainly one of them!

Being present is about slowing things down. To be in the moment, savor the experiences and make deeper connections.

So the idea behind applying this idea to travel is simple: to experience travel slowly and calmly, without the stress of having to see everything.

Be Present in Travel

By seeing less, you experience more.

Making it easier to be fully present in travel, instead of focusing on a rushed itinerary.

With slow travel you make the time to meet people, make memories and experience local life as much as possible.

One glorious moment at a time!

Being More Present in Travel Will Change You

Working to train our attention can sometimes take a bit of work, but it’s a worthy endeavor.

Because mindfulness practices done regularly over time, will rewire our brain. So we can harness its potential to be more present.

And changing how out brain works changes our experiences, for the better!

I hope these ideas inspire you to continue to learn and explore how to best integrate mindfulness into your own life and travels.

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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