7 Places to Experience Venice’s Coffee Culture

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Dive into Discover 7 of the best coffee shops in Venice!

Coffee and Italy, it’s hard to separate the two. After all, drinking coffee in Italy is a way of life.
If Bella Italia is on your travel bucket list, you’re going to want to know where to find the best coffee shops when you’re in Venice.

Leave it to the masters of la dolce vita, to have a daily custom that is easy to love and good for you!

Think of drinking coffee as a little well-being in a cup.

After all, you’re enjoying a beverage with health benefits, staying socially connected, and taking a mental break to enjoy the day.

All in one simple & inexpensive ritual.

It’s brillant!

This everyday Italian ritual is self-care at its finest. It’s good for the mind & body.

If you want to dive into the healthy Italian lifestyle and experience your own wellness travels in Italy, then the coffee culture is a good place to start!

The Best Coffee Shops In Venice

Enjoying little things like coffee is a perfect example of why I passionately advocate that wellness travel is for everyone.

And Planning wellness travels ahead of time (like knowing where to get great coffee in Venice 😉) is key in their success.

The best coffee shops in Venice may not get much attention, after all, they are competing with an entire city that’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

But, combine being on foot with all the with tiny corner bars and Venice becomes an ideal place to experience Italy’s coffee culture.

People Enjoying Coffee in Venice

Diving into the food scene is one of the best ways to experience authentic Italy, to get a sense of what each place is all about.

It’s also a great way to explore like a local.

And, no matter where you travel, eating in Italy is one of the biggest pleasures you will find.

For me, food culture is one of the best aspects of living here! Every day presents a chance to savor, enjoy, and explore the endless authentic eating in Italy.

Food experiences add happiness to everyday life in Italy.

Best Coffee Shops in Venice

I love coffee (almost as much as I love Italy) and Venice is one of my favorite places on earth.

Since I live in the neighboring region of Friuli, Venice a frequent day trip.

Over the years there have been hundreds of stops for my morning coffee ritual and warm afternoon pit-stops when it’s cold outside.

So, I wanted to share all of my hard-earned wisdom with you. 😉

Here are seven of the best coffee shops in Venice. Not only for their quality coffee but also for their unique atmospheres & sweet treats!

Coffee & A Brioche at Pasticceria Dal Mas

Just steps from the train station is the family-run Pasticceria Dal Mas.

Years ago I found this by completely by chance, and I’ve been a regular ever since. Because it’s so close to the station, it’s often my first stop for a cappuccino and a brioche. You know, the typical Italian breakfast!

Coffee And A Brioche At The Best Coffee Shop In Venice

Their cappuccino is perfectly creamy and they have a wide selection of fresh-baked brioche every morning. The almond brioche is sublime!

Next door the family also runs a chocolate shop, making it hard to beat to for a first stop of the day. And perhaps the last stop of the day too before you catch the train!

Artisan Coffee With A View at Torrefazione Cannaregio

Torrefazione Cannaregio is a coffee lover’s dream. This is where you’ll find the coffee aficionados!

Barista Teaching About Coffee in Venice

They boast a wide range of blends from different countries that you can also buy to take with you.

It’s a laid-back coffee experience and the staff is happy to share all they know about coffee with anyone who asks.

Best Coffee Shop In Venice

Yet… perhaps the best part of this cafe is the view. You can sit outside, relax, and watch the gondolas glide past as you enjoy your sweet sips (ahhh… ).

This is a regular stop for me. It’s slightly off the beaten path and has a more leisurely atmosphere that I really enjoy.

This is Venice how it’s meant to be experienced.

Specialty Coffee at Caffe Del Doge

Hidden down an alley near the Rialto Bridge is the Venetian institution Caffe Del Doge.

Caffe Del Doge Venice

From the minute you walk in the door, it’s welcoming. There’s an Italian old-school charm here that has endured.

They roast their own beans, so you know it’s all going to be good.

Espresso Con Panna

Yet, it’s the extensive menu of specialty coffee that really shines. Like espresso con panna (fresh cream) and marocchino (layered espresso, chocolate & milk). And yes, they’re all as delicious as they sound!

There is seating both inside and out, making this a good stop if you want to sit & linger versus drink your coffee standing at the bar.

Summertime Coffee at Caffe Vergnano

Caffe Vergnano 1882 is conveniently located right next to the Grand Canal near the Rialto Bridge.

Here you can belly up to the bar inside for your caffeine fix or sit outside and watch life on The Grand Canal.

Best Coffee Shop Venice Italy

This cafe is perfect for a summer’s day as they make the creamiest shakerato (a warm-weather coffee drink made by shaking espresso and ice). Oh, and you can ask for a shot of Baileys to make it a sweet frothy treat!

Historic Coffee at Caffe Florian

Look no further than St. Mark’s Square to find one of the most historic coffee houses in Europe.

The legendary Caffe Florian dates back to 1720, and it’s said that even Casanova was known to drink there.

These days the prices run pretty high to sit down and have a drink. But if you are keen on people watching and want to experience the atmosphere of St. Marks Square, then this is the place for you.

It’s a little known secret that like most other places in Venice, drinking standing up at the bar is significantly cheaper than sitting at a table.

To keep some change in your pocket (more for wine later 😉), head to the bar inside. This way you can take in the elegant interiors and drink your espresso standing, just like a Venetian.

Afternoon Coffee & A Sweet Treat at Marchini Time

In need of an afternoon pick me up? If so, this hidden gem is for you.

Pastiecceria Marchini Time is another place I randomly found years ago on a cold winter’s day. They won me over for life with their superb pistachio treats!

While they have a wide variety of fresh biscuits and pastries, I really enjoy their chocolate items (like chocolate-dipped strawberries and chocolate mousse cups topped with raspberry).

It’s standing room only here. But, it’s not too far from The Rialto Bridge and worth a detour on your way to St. Mark’s Square.

Coffee & A Carnivale Treat at Pasticceria Tonolo

Pasticceria Tonolo is a well-known local pastry shop in Venice.

The coffee & pastries are superb any day of the year, but the best time to visit is during Carnivale. Then you can enjoy the traditional fried dough balls, known as fritelle.

They are hands down, the lightest I’ve ever eaten!

Fritelle only comes around once a year, so if you are anywhere in Italy right before or during Carnivale- they are a must-try.

The traditional kind has raisins and pine nuts mixed into the dough. But, they also come filled with creme and chocolate.

Oh, and there’s a version with apples inside too!

Which of these best coffee shops in Venice calls to you?

Whichever it is, no matter. I wish you experiences that linger on the tongue and stay in your memories for years to come!

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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