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Helping people harmonize wellness & travel.

Wellness Travel Coaching & Consulting

Reimagining Wellness Travel...

Tune-in to a renewed way of traveling and discover better well-being, one adventure at at a time.

The days of narrowly defining wellness travel as spa getaways & yoga retreats are long gone. That's because in the spaces in-between, travel itself is a path to well-being. At heart it's about learning, growing, healing, connecting & transforming.

It's about integrating wellness in authentic and meaningful ways... about aligning the inner and outer journeys to discover meaning, find purpose & fully live. 
And all you need is a framework for the journey.

I teach people how to align travel with well-being.
So they can learn, grow, connect, heal & transform.

My Services:


Resources to help travelers tune-in & craft adventures that align their health needs and travel dreams.


Building frameworks that help businesses connect the dots to wellness & enhance client experiences.


Engaging and bespoke wellness travel programs, materials or curriculum for any type of audience.


A world  where the value of health & well-being is embraced and optimized for people, places & the planet.

To amplify travel as a wellness practice by providing programs, tools & resources that prioritize health & well-being.


To inspire people to live well, travel well and be well. 


Hi, I'm Deanna...

My professional experiences as a teacher, athletic trainer and certified travel coach (as well as being a human walking the same path), all inform my holistic approach to health & well-being. 

I help individuals and businesses see the big picture and small details of transformative travel and explore their resources to cultivate environments that promote growth and change.

The benefit of my strong educational background, is that I truly understand that education is not the same as sharing information. It's a process that helps you to understand challenges and choose solutions that work for you.

My holistic and multi-disciplinary approach combines best practices from the fields of education, coaching, positive psychology and neuroscience, alongside well-established contemplative practices to find the sweet spot of growth, healing & well-being. 

Education has been my life's work.
Travel has been my lifelong passion.
I harness that expertise to help people travel well.


"Our organization needed the assistance of a seasoned professional to bring our wellness travel curriculum over the finish line.

Deanna jumped in with gusto, quickly ascertaining what needed to be done & then following-up by providing a host of great ideas.

Deanna has also been a wonderful guest speaker for our online classes . She not only demonstrates a command of the subject matter – she’s currently developing another promising wellness-related curriculum for us – but also has an uncanny ability to tie the various strands of wellness together in a way that’s informative and compelling.

 We are so delighted to have the opportunity to work with Deanna!"

-Jane Rolla
President, Learning Across America

Interested in Working Together?

Are you someone who wants to elevate well-being through travel?

Perhaps you're interested in tapping into my area of expertise to craft Italian travels that incorporate a "dolce vita" well-being approach.

Or, maybe you're a travel related business that wants to better connect the dots to wellness, for enhanced client experiences?

Whether it's guiding individuals to better health & well-being or contributing to your organization's wellness goals, contact me to see if we might be a good match.

If it's related to elevating well-being through travel, then I am in !  

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