7 Wellness Inspired Things To Do In Cortina

7 Wellness Things to Do in Cortina

If you are headed to Cortina and looking for some wellness things to do, look no further! As one of my favorite weekend getaways, I’ve got some great ideas to nourish your mind & body as you explore this beautiful mountain town.

Quaintly nestled in an alpine valley is the resort town of Cortina, Italy.

Sitting in the heart of The Veneto Dolomites, it has a long tradition as a year-round travel destination.

In addition, The Dolomites are well established as a wellness destination.

The fresh air, outdoor pursuits, spas & thermal baths make it pretty hard to resist for rest, relaxation, & rejuvenation.

An ideal place to just be mindfully present.

The outdoor opportunities are endless and each season brings something new to experience.

Summertime means hiking & climbing in the refreshing mountain air and winter at high altitude is magical, no matter what the activity

Wellness Things To Do In Cortina

I first fell in love with Cortina as a teenager and now it’s one of my favorite day trips.

Living in the neighboring region of Friuli, it’s high on the list when I need some nature time or a self-care reboot.

7 Wellness Inspired Things to Do in Cortina

There are plenty of inspiring views in Cortina and it’s a great place to digitally detox. In fact, the Dolomites are an ideal destination for a tech-free vacation.

Over the years it’s also been a go-to destination for me to find respite and heal grief.

It must be all of that nature.


I’m a big proponent of travel as a way to wellness.

In today’s busy world, we could all benefit from wellness travel. You know, the kind of experiences that actually leave you feeling better!

Travel is truly an ideal avenue to be active, pursue passions & interests, and add some happiness to life.

Undoubtedly, you can find that and more in Cortina.

7 Things Rejuvenate Your Mind & Body in Cortina

Here you go folks, seven wellness ideas to add to your Cortina bucket list.

Along with practicing some simple tips for healthier travels, these are bound to relax, energize, & inspire you!

Stroll The Centro Storico

In the heart of Cortina’s Centro Storico (historic center) is a thriving pedestrian zone.

Corso Italia Cortina Italy

This historical area centers around Corso Italia.

Which is a street lined with designer shops, art galleries, restaurants, and cafes.

Cortina Restaurant

Be sure to take a peek inside the gothic church and don’t miss Ciasa Dei Pupe. This building (which now houses a pharmacy) has 19th-century frescoes depicting DaVinci and Titan.

And after you have quieted your brain with a stroll, stop for an aperitivo at one of the wine bars or outdoor cafes.

That’s right, hit the pause button and soak up all that goodness!

Stay At A Resort Spa

You can’t go wrong with R & R time at an alpine spa to recharge your well-being.


Slow down and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of wellness at a centrally located hotel spa, like The Grand Hotel Savoia.

Or opt for an outdoor spa experience at the 5-star Rosapetra.

Your mind & body will thank you for making time for some engaging self-care!

Relax At A Rifugio

Dotted across The Dolomites at high altitudes are rifugi, or mountain huts.

Rifugio Averau Cortina

These high altitude gems offer traditional mountain food, accommodation, and some of the best views in the alps.

Along with a few other experiences that rejuvenate the mind & body!

Try relaxing in an open-air hot tub at Rifugio Scoiattoli or detox at Rifugio Lagazuoi, the home of the highest Finnish spa in the Dolomites.

Take An Epic Hike

Hiking is one of the best ways to take in the landscapes in Cortina, as well as, a great way to stay in shape during travel.

It’s also a perfect companion for photography and taking a photo hike is one of my favorite well-being practices!

Wellness Hike in Cortina

The Dolomites are one of my top two places to hike in Europe, the other one is the Cornwall peninsula in England.

There are some pretty cool hiking adventures in Cortina. You can combine your hike with a scenic drive to a mountain pass, a cable car ride, or even an overnight stay at a mountain hut (rifugio).

If you are looking for iconic hikes nearby try Cinque Torri, Lago di Sorapis, or Tre Cime.

Bike The Countryside

Biking is an ideal way to see the landscape surrounding Cortina and breathe in the fresh air!

Biking in Cortina

Head to the Centro Storico where you can rent a bike for an afternoon excursion.

A favorite route of mine is The Dolomites Cycle Path to Dobbiacco. This route follows a disused old railway track and has some spectacular scenery.

Ski The Slopes

Cortina is well known international ski location.The 1956 Winter Olympics put it on the map, and it will again host Milano-Cortina 2026.

Cortina Ski Map

There are 87 miles of ski slopes in Cortina, so there is bound to by something just right for you.

In addition, it’s part of The Dolomiti Superski circuit. Which the largest complex of ski courses in the world, covering 12 zones and 758 miles. So, you could include Cortina as part of a broader Dolomite itinerary.

Skiing here is an epic opportunity and the views can’t be beat.

Treat Yourself at Pasticceria Alvera

This is one of the best pastry shops around and the perfect place for coffee and a sweet treat.

Located right on the Corso Italia in the centro storico, it’s a convenient stop-off.

Pasticerria Alvera Cortina

Their mini pistachio cream puffs are a dream and light as air. My mom and I also like to split the kraphen con crema, a traditional mountain breakfast treat.

In addition, Alvera is a convenient place to pick up fresh bread if you want to pack a picnic for your day out.

Day Trips

This Dolomite gem is a two-hour drive from Venice, making it the perfect day trip if you want to get a little taste of The Dolomites while you are traveling Italy.

If you are looking for an extended outdoor excursion with epic hikes (like Seceda) and traditional culture, then the region of South Tyrol is right next door.

Bordering Slovenia and Austria, the Dolomites would also be an ideal part of a multi-country itinerary.

One thing is for sure, no matter which way you go, mindful travel, good dining, & epic scenery await!

until the next time…
…live well, travel well, be well

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