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Digital Detox
Travel Tips

Be present and make the most of your travels! 

Everything  you need to know about how to disconnect with your devices. So you can better connect with other people, places, & yourself.

Looking for a way to unplug from technology? If so, you're not alone!

According to recent studies, Americans check their phones 80 times a day on vacation and more than half don't reduce their phone at all while they are on the road.

In addition, one in ten has reported missing their stop because they were too focused on their screens. While nearly half have reported tripping or bumping into things on vacation because they were distracted by their phones. Ouch!

Funnily enough, one in four Americans have either climbed a tree, canoed to the middle of a lake or hiked to the top of a hill to get better cell phone reception during vacation.

Comical, yes. But, clearly not uncommon!

Digital Devices & Travel

As Ariana Huffington, founder of Thrive Global reminds us: "As we've rushed to embrace technology that promises us constant connection, endless efficiency and hyper-productivity, we've discovered that the results aren't always as promised".

It's easy to become so preoccupied with devices that we can miss out on the precious moments in front of us.

I mean, no one really wants to spend their travel time endlessly scrolling social media instead of enjoying the wonder in front of them, right?!

Wouldn't it be liberating to have more digital free moments?

Especially during travel? 

If you want to feel liberated, you're in the right place. Keep reading.

- cal newport

“the key to living well in a high tech world is to spend much less time using technology.”

Are you overwhelmed with digital info...

If you are anything like me (always seeking more calm), then you value every single moment of your vacation time. To escape daily demands of the daily ding!

Then Time away is for you...

Travel is an ideal time to disconnect from the digital world to better connect with the real world. To have more mindful experiences.

that way you can digitally detox....

So, how can you stay connected with friends & family, use technology to enhance travels and still be fully present? It's about being deliberate. And that all starts with a little thought & planning.

how to digitally detox

cut back

Choose strategies that will help you to cut back on your phone time.


Plan activities that are tech-free, fun & bring you joy!


Immerse in the moments & enjoy recharging your mind & body.

Finding Balance for Better Well-Being

The good news is that there are quick & easy steps that will help you to set limits, reduce screen time and be more immersed in your travels.

Starting with a simple two-step idea, cut back & replace.

Engaging with this two-step process will help you cut back on screen time, while also allowing you to shine a light on the activities that will better connect you to the people and places you encounter.

This approach is really about not letting your tech moments crowd out your interests and passions. This way, you can better embrace the precious moments right in front of you. 

And return rested, relaxed & rejuvenated!

You've probably heard this idea before, where your attention goes your energy flows. Make your vacation time count by directing your energies to what you want to experience.

Find your meaning!
Find your joy!

Tech-Free Travel Tips

There is no one size fits all for formulating a plan to disconnect. 

What's important is that you evaluate your own habits, and then choose & implement the strategies that will make the biggest impact on your use.

Read on for ideas on how to cut back on your phone time and instead focus to your travel adventures.

How to Cut Back

  • Put your phone on airplane mode for an hour
  • Turn off all notifications
  • Leave your phone at the hotel
  • Designate daily check-in times
  • Set a daily "no tech hour or afternoon"
  • Keep your phone out of sight  

  • Eat your meals screen free
  • Go social media free or an hour or a day
  • Alternate digital access to every other day
  • Don't make yourself available to work
  • Use your devices only when it is necessary
  • Be mindful about how you use your devices

Just imagine

adventures like...

capturing scottish highlands wildlife on a private photo tour

watching the sunset from a boat cruise in the greek islands

hiking from hut to hut in the breathtaking italian dolomites

taking in the scenic amalfi coast from behind the wheel of a boat

A day spent walking the seven sisters Chalk Cliffs in england (as seen here)

What To Do Instead

  • Play cards during transit time
  • Draw or Journal
  • Read a book or magazine
  • Take photos with a real camera
  • Explore like a local & just get lost for a while
  • Spend time outdoors 
  • Attend a concert, the theater or the ballet
  • Talk with others (family, friends, locals)
  • Send postcards 
  • Mindfully savor a cup of tea or coffee
  • Ask locals where to eat
  • Find a quiet place for an auditory rest 
  • Exercise! Get that dopamine naturally

Lastly, remind yourself that your attention and presence is far more important to the people and places around you.

And it's a gift to yourself.

Your mind, body, and loved ones will thank you.

The sky is the limit here.  Simply find engaging things that will enrich your life. You know those things that make you laugh, smile, or simply feel better.

Explore how to transform your health & well-being...

Use this simple (and free) Wellness Travel Planner to plan your next trip. Because you deserve to thrive!

 through travel.