10 Wellness Inspired Things To Do in Dublin

10 Wellness Things to Do in Dublin

If you’re headed to Ireland, don’t miss these 10 wellness things to do in Dublin!

There’s no shortage of engaging things to do in Dublin.

In fact, quaintly packed into its historic streets are loads of museums, parks, pubs, shops & cafes.

But, maybe you’re looking to expand on the everyday attractions, and travel in a way that rejuvenates the mind & body? So you can better recharge the batteries as you explore?

Can’t blame you, we all need a bit more energy in the tank these days.

Wondering how you can explore Dublin with wellness in mind?
Keep reading for some engaging ideas!

10 Wellness Inspired Things to Do in Dublin

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Rejuvenate Your Well-Being in Dublin

Just back from a trip to Ireland, I wanted to share some of my favorite wellness things to do in Dublin. This was my fifth visit to the city and each trip I find myself sinking deeper into the culture to find the hidden gems.

Because, amongst the popular attractions like The Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Castle, and Trinity College, you’ll also find some rejuvenating experiences.

Experiences that will help you connect with yourself and others, as well as enrich the mind, body, & spirit. Traveling with wellness in mind really isn’t hard to do in Dublin, just come and see for yourself.

10 Wellness Things to Do in Dublin

Since T & I is all about wellness travel, these are a mix of ideas that support healthy living & personal growth.

Ideas that support well-being, gently mixed with some of the engaging experiences that the city offers.

These wellness things to do in Dublin are simple to work into any length of itinerary, giving your flexibility in planning.

Which is really, the only way to go. After all, the ability to plan your own wellness travels is what makes them so empowering.

It cultivates transformation AND a better you. 😊

Hike The Howth Cliff Walk

This is one amazing trail and it tops the list of my favorite wellness things to do in Dublin.

The coastal views are out of this world!

The village of Howth is only a 25 minute train ride on the DART, but it might as well be a world away.

Hiking The Howth Cliff Walk

In some parts, the scenery reminds me of the coastal walks in Cornwall, England. Since Cornwall is one of my sacred travel spots, its no wonder I fell in love with this Howth Walk too.

There are four cliff routes, all of which begin at the DART station in Howth. You’ll find paper maps for each route outside the tourist center, just down the road from the station.

Each route is 2-3 hour circular trek and for my money, the Bog of Frogs (Purple) walk is well worth the effort.

It’s the most challenging, but the views will make you swoon. And it’s absolutely guaranteed to leave you feel rejuvenated & inspired!

Bike The City Center

Crave the freedom that bicycling provides? Well then, explore Dublin on two wheels!

Rental bikes are an ideal way to explore any big city like London, Rome or Dublin.

They allow you to go further afield then walking and you can see more in a shorter time. Not to mention they are a great way to stay in shape!

Biking in Dublin

NOW is a self-service bike rental system that is convenient & easy to use. Riding on the other side of the road…well, not so easy for some of us. 😂

If dealing with city traffic isn’t your thing, then try Phoenix Park. This walled park provides 1,750 acres of possibilities, just waiting for you!

Kayak The River Liffey

The River Liffey is a central feature in Dublin. So, what better way is there to explore the heart of the city than on the water?

Whether you’re been around the block or are a kayaking beginner, you can spend a few hours floating under the city’s most famous bridges and past the places steeped in Irish history.

You’ ll get an entirely different perspective of the city, as you peacefully glide along the river.

City Kayaking runs several different types of tours, including one that includes experiencing music under the bridges.

Music & kayaking in one go…sounds like Ireland to me!

Give The Gift of Coffee

This gal doesn’t like to miss her morning coffee, as savoring a frothy cappuccino is a mindful start to every day.

This past trip, I stumbled upon a cafe with a cool idea. One that gets at the heart of giving and well-being.

Random Acts of Kindness in Dublin

Across the river from The Heuston Train Station, just before The Phoenix Park entrance is The Provender & Family Cafe. When my friend & I stopped for cappuccino, we noticed a sign on the window. Offering what they refer to as a “suspended coffee”.

Buying a suspended coffee for someone in need is a simple way to help the local community.

Its heart warming to see these random acts of kindness. These are the kind of places I willing support during my travels.

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Savor Vegetarian at Cornucopia

Why not indulge in a yummy plant based meal when you’re in Dublin!

10 Wellness Inspired Things to Do in Dublin

This family run wholefood vegetarian restaurant is easy to find in the heart of the city. It’s definitely worth a stop as they serve high quality food that is made fresh on site, daily.

Ordering is cafeteria style so you get to see the mains and salads in right front of you. You might just want to order it all!

The casual dining takes place in lovely 18th century dining rooms, making it even more atmospheric. I swear my odd obsession with The Georgian Period has put some great things on my radar over the years, including this gem.

Marvel at St. Patricks Cathedral & Gardens

This is the place for inspiration in Dublin.

Even from the outside, St Patrick’s has a special presence.

While it might just seem like another church, viewing it from the adjacent gardens is where the peaceful experience begins.

Early morning before the crowds arrive, it’s a lovely sport to rest and ponder. Or journal, which is one of my favorite travel tools for self- discovery!

The inside is calming with its symmetrical beauty. The stained glass windows are glorious and the choir sounds will move you. Even if there is no choir in session, the touch screen technology provides notes immersed with history to help you learn about the cathedral.

If you can, attend the Sunday sung mass and hear one of Ireland’s most famous choirs for yourself.

It will be an experience you won’t forget. Promise!

Experience Wellness in Phoenix Park

Stroll, walk, bike, run…but don’t miss experiencing one of Europe’s largest enclosed parks when you’re exploring Dublin.

Open 24/7, every day of the year, this park offers a wide range of experiences, as well as plenty of space to clear your head for a while.

It’s home to a herd of fallow deer, Dublin Zoo, and an impressive Victorian mansion, just to name a few of its offerings.

Relax in Phoenix Park Dublin

Take a break from city life and head to the park to surround yourself with some nature. After all, there’s nothing like some time outdoors to set your mind & body right.

Particularly welcoming is The People’s Flower Garden. The flowerbeds will capture your attention with their compact color and the lake is a serene spot for a stroll. It’s just a place where you can take a deep breath and relax.

My favorite spot is The Victorian Walled Kitchen Garden. This 2.5 acre plot immerses you in plants, fruits, vegetables, and blooming flowers.

It will make you want to create your own edible corner of beauty at home!

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Relax in St. Stephens Green

St. Stephens Green is an alluring park situated right in the heart of the city center. Making it an ideal and convenient spot to stop to relax for a bit.

Relaxing Wellness in St. Stephens Green Dublin

Victorian in design, this park will tantalize your senses with its design, color & features.

It’s the perfect place to grab some sandwiches or salads and enjoy your lunch alfresco in the park.

Eating al fresco in the park, provides nature time and an opportunity unwind. Which can be a welcome break when traveling.

Recharge at The Buff Day Spa

This past trip, when two flights in three days and carrying my camera kit caught up with me, the Buff Spa came to the rescue!

Located in the city center, just a stones throw from St Stephens Green, an hour massage here brought me back to life. And saved my back from going into some serious spasms! They were able to fit me in same day and they couldn’t have been nicer.

Before the massage I chilled with a cup Voya Fennel tea of in their relaxation area. Which I have to say, was the best fennel tea I’ve ever had!

Not surprising, a squirreled away a box to bring back to Italy with me!

Rest Well at The Clarence Hotel

If you’re looking to up your self-care & rest well in Dublin, try The Clarence Hotel.

The 4 -star Clarence is the most enjoyable hotel I’ve stayed at in Dublin. With a sigh worthy bed and a relaxing overhead shower, you’ll feel restored after a night’s sleep here.

It’s a convenient place to stay for exploring both the north and south sides the River Liffey. Which I prefer because it’s easier to come and go multiple times throughout the day with my camera gear.

In addition, it has a comfortable and stylish lounge so you can relax & unwind as you bring the day to an end.

Finding Wellness in Ireland

I hope these wellness things to do in Dublin help you feel alive and connected on your next trip.

It’s a city of endless energy in a country of endless beauty and worth a stop on any Ireland itinerary.

Don’t forget that once you’re done with a jaunt around Dublin, wellness awaits across the country. Where you can find headspace in nature, energize with outdoor pursuits, and share it all with friendly locals.

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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10 Wellness Things to Do in Dublin

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