Lago Di Sorapis (An Unforgettable Dolomite Hike)

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Explore the beauty of The Dolomites with this Lago di Sorapis Hike.

Just outside of the beautiful resort town of Cortina, Italy is a dreamy turquoise lake.

An intimate spot nestled high up in the mountains, under the towering peaks of the famous Dolomites.

There’s only one way to get to the glacial waters of Lake Sorpais, and it’s on foot.

You’ll have to traverse some ravines, climb some open stairs, and walk along exposed edges to get there, but it’s absolutely worth the effort!

If a scenic day out in the fresh air sounds like an ideal way to rejuvenate your mind & body, then read on for more about a Lago di Sorapis hike.

Finding Wellness In The Mountains

The Dolomites are a great destination for wellness travel.

The outdoor pursuits, spas, fresh air, and scenic views are enough to keep anyone engaged for a lifetime. There is wellness waiting for everyone in the mountains.

Lago di Sorapis Hike

One of my favorite things to do in The Dolomites is to hike.

It’s an ideal tech-free activity, a good way to recharge the batteries, & a simple way to experience healthier travels.

Luckily for me, Cortina is an easy day-trip. And the mountains are a regular part of my self-care routine because I always come home feeling better than I left.

Hiking Lago di Sorapis

The hike to Lake Sorapis is an invigorating and enchanting day out.

Lago di Sorapis Hike

The most popular route to Lake Sorapis begins at Tre Croci Pass.

Which is a 15-minute drive from Cortina along the SR48. Be sure to arrive early to find a parking spot or take the bus from Cortina.

The hike is 14 km and takes about 4 hours round-trip. Although the elevation is only about 900 meters, the terrain makes it a moderate hike.

The entrance to the trail (215) is just down the hill from the pass.

It’s well-marked and next to a large pasture, where you often see cows or horses passing their days under the beauty of the mountains.

Cows on Lago di Sorapis Hike

The first part is an easy walk through the forest.

This is a great stretch to just enjoy the scenery and breathe in the fresh air.

It’s exactly why walking is such an enjoyable way to stay in shape, as well as an engaging way to practice self-care.

Lago di Sorapis Hike

After a while, the trail opens up and the terrain becomes more challenging. The rocky trail passes through ravines and alongside cliffs.

And the views become more epic.

This Lago di Sorapis hike is something!

Lago di Sorapis Hike

Some sections of the trail run along steep ledges, which can be unnerving if you have a fear of heights.

It is one of the most rewarding hikes I have done in the Dolomites. The two-hour ascent is absolutely invigorating.

The open vistas are inspiring. The further up you go, the freer you feel.

Even though it is a popular hike and often full of people, it’s still a spectacular experience.

Rifugio Vandelli

When you arrive at the top, there is a sign directing you to either the lake or the Rifugio. They are about 150 meters apart.

Rifugio Vandelli is a seasonal mountain hut, open from June through September.

Rifugo Vandelli Lago di Sorapis

They serve typical unassuming mountain fare and have beds in case you want to spend the night. You could also combine your hike with The Alta Via 3 Trail.

The outside deck has a great view of Monte Cristallo and is made for an afternoon pause.

View of Monte Cristallo From Rifugio Vandelli

Lake Sorapis

There is something surreal about Lake Sorapis. It has a special energy and exudes tranquility.

Lago di Sorapis

Leave enough time in your schedule to explore.

Walk around, take in the views, and find a place to sit for a while.

The lake area is a mindful and contemplative spot. At high altitude it’s easy to relax and let the worries of life melt away.

Lago di Sorapis

Be sure to stop and appreciate the glossy reflections. It’s an ideal opportunity to be mindful.

Views like this are awash with calm and will add happiness to any day.

Itinerary Ideas

Cortina is a 2-3 hour drive from Venice, Verona, Trieste, & Innsbruck, making it a great nature day out to add to your agenda.

If you want to make a weekend of it, there are many other scenic hikes in Cortina, like Tre Cime and Cinque Torri. You could also combine it with a cable car ride and hike Faloria. Or try a challenging ferrata on Monte Cristallo.

Cortina is also close to The South Tyrol region, which is another hiking paradise with well-trodden places like Alpe di Siusi and Seceda. And of course, the dreamy Lago di Braies.

To the east lies the bordering region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

This off the beaten path region has a great variety of landscapes and a rich cultural history.

This is an ideal region for slow and mindful travel. There are far fewer tourists than most other places in Italy, making it easy to immerse with local life.

And just an hour away is a favorite day trip of mine, the charming alpine hamlet of Cima Sappada.

One thing is for sure, no matter where you roam from here, you’re bound to be inspired!

until the next time…
… live well – travel well – be well

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Lake Sorapis Hike

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