50 Lessons Learned From a Life of Travel

Lessons Learned From Travel

Travel is one of life’s greatest teachers, forever providing lessons learned. It enriches your life, gently…one adventure at a time.

Turning 50, and surviving well over 50 days of lockdown in Italy, has given me the perfect opportunity to reflect on life and consider the many lessons I’ve learned from travel.

It’s been a great life, full of grand adventures. And so many of those moments have been thanks to travel.

In reflecting on the momentous occasion, I wanted to share some of the endless inspiration that travel has afforded.

As well as, some lessons learned learned along the way.

Personal Growth & Travel

Day trips, wellness weekend getaways, and extended vacations have long been a part of my life.

As an adult, I’ve also found travel to be a powerful tool in my own personal development.

It’s a simple way to practice self-care and enhances my overall happiness & well-being. It’s just good for the mind & body!

At the end of the day, travel gives us things we all want a bit more of in life. Things like perspective, happiness, energy, & even some sanity.

It’s why I say wellness travel really is for everyone!

It simply makes us better versions of ourselves.

Lessons Learned From Travel

Lessons Learned from Travel

As a health educator, I’m a huge advocate for healthy living and wellness travel. And over the years, combining healthy living with travel has become a passion of mine.

I love to travel, always have and it’s something we often did as a family as I was growing up.

Now as an adult, it’s something that is absolutely prioritized. Not only because it’s my passion but also because it aligns with my commitment to healthy living.

Ultimately, it’s what catapulted me to move to Italy at the age of 31.

Which is where I still am today, exploring local life and traveling the boot.

Here are 50 lessons I’ve learned from a life of travel.

Some are meaningful, others are joyful, and a few are even lighthearted & comical.

But, I’m grateful for every single adventure and lesson learned along the way! πŸ˜‰

Lessons Learned in Europe…

  • The best Christmas Markets are in Germany. (The second best are in The South Tyrol region of Northern Italy.)

  • Locals always know the best-kept food secrets.

  • Krakow’s Main Market Square is the most beautiful square in Europe.

  • Always leave room in your suitcase for the treasures you find along the way.

  • Be warned, exploring Europe may just kick-start a fascination with old historic graveyards!

Brompton Garden Cemetery
  • Leonidas Chocolatier make the best truffles in the world. But any kind of artisan chocolate in Belgium is a perfectly acceptable!

  • You will visit the Austrian Alps & want to sing on the mountain top like Maria VonTrapp.

  • Croatia’s beaches are it’s best-kept secret.

  • Slovenia has more shades of green than you knew existed in nature.

  • Watching the fiery sun sink into the ocean in Santorini should be on everyone’s sunset bucket list.

Lessons Learned in England…

  • You will learn that London and photography = happy place!

  • You realize that old libraries are things of beauty, yes I am talking to you Oxford.

  • A day walking Seven Sisters Chalk Cliffs in England becomes one of the best day trips of your life.

  • The sun setting in Bath lights up Georgian limestone buildings to a shade of golden you never knew existed.

Woman Contemplating Lessons Learned From Travel
  • Stow-on-the Wold is the most quintessential English village.

  • Hiking The SW Coast Path will push you to happiness & exhaustion in equal measures.

  • Cornwall is your sacred travel place.

  • You will book a weekend getaway to London just to buy gin, whoops I mean meet up with a friend!

Lessons Learned in Scotland…

  • The Isle of Skye should be on everyone’s Scottish bucket list.

  • There are the most epic views, even if you have to drive on the wrong side of the road to find them!

  • Has funny names for food, like haggis & cock-a leekie soup.

  • Will leave you wondering if there really is underwear under those kilts?

  • It’s the best place to watch wildlife…otters, puffins, deer, seals, & more.

  • Every time you see a Highland Cow (whether in Glasgow, Edinburgh, or the Highlands), you will smile like a kid over & over again!

  • Even after the third go around, you still may not understand what they heck they just said??

  • The dramatic views will profoundly speak to your soul.

Lessons Learned in Italy…

  • Sometimes the perfect Italian afternoon is gelato on one side of the piazza, followed by drinks on the other side of the piazza.

  • The Dolomites will take your breath away, time & time again.

  • Italians don’t sweat the small stuff, so be sure to take that home with you.

  • Food is just about the best part of traveling Italy.

  • You’ll fall in love at least once in Italy, twice if you are lucky!

  • Venice is the best place to get lost & wander without an agenda.

  • Getting off the beaten path is where you’ll find authentic Italy.

  • You’ll learn Italy is truly magical.

Lessons Learned in Life…

  • Getting lost provides the best surprises.

  • Sunsets are an amazing avenue to mindful travel.

  • Waking up to a beautiful view adds something special to the day.

  • You will take more travel photos than you know what to do with, but love every single minute of doing it!

Wellness Hotel Overlooking The Ocean

Lessons Learned with Family & Friends…

  • You will just about give your step-sister a heart attack driving across a narrow Scottish bridge with a semi-truck coming the other way. Oh, and take off the side view mirror in the process!

  • You will make lifelong friends on planes & trains.

  • You & your friends will reminisce about that Strawberry-Lime cider you had in a London pub for years to come.

  • You will make lots of happy memories over sharing a meal.

Friendship Lessons Learned From Travel
  • You will laugh for years about your niece kneeling on a chair for an hour in a hotel room corner, just to get wifi!

  • And your nephew will make you teary-eyed playing piano for you in a London bar.

  • A trip to Positano means coming home with a new addition to the family, a rescue dog named Bella 🐾 . It will be one of the best things to ever happen to you πŸ’œ.

  • You come to understand that there are no joyous homecomings without sad goodbyes…something my Italian grandfather always used to say.

When talking about lessons learned form travel, perhaps this quote from Gloria Steinem sums it up the best:

β€œ When people ask me why I still have hope and energy after all these years, I always say: Because I travel.”

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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