London: A Vibrant & Unique Wellness Destination

5 Reasons London is an Ideal Wellness Destination

London’s calling, it’s a unique & vibrant wellness destination!

Recently I was chatting with a friend.

She was surprised to hear me say that London was one of my favorite wellness weekend getaways. An ideal place to recharge the batteries.

“Really…the city?”

“But, how can you relax in London?”

That discussion got me thinking.

It really drove home an important point, that we all travel for different reasons. And more importantly, we all look to experience different things.

What motivates one person to travel is clearly not the same as the next.

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While relaxation is an important part of wellness travel, it’s only a part.

Wellness travel is really about the sum of its parts. It’s about amplifying the travel experience through a myriad of activities that enhance the mind & body.

That’s the great thing about wellness travel. It can be personalized. So it becomes a perfect mix of your health needs and travel dreams.

Wellness Travel & London

So, here’s the deal.

London is one of my favorite cities in the world. When I’m there I feel alive & inspired. Maybe you do too?

For these reasons and more, it’s a great place to getaway.

To get out of the daily routine and explore. To try new things. To connect with yourself and others. To learn and be inspired.

5 Reasons Why London is a Unique Wellness Destination

Are you thinking about London and wondering what a rejuvenating trip to the city might look like? For anything from a day trip to a wellness weekend?

Whether you’re travelling solo, with friends or as a couple, London sets the scene for wellness with a dizzying array of options.

Curious? Read on!

Why London is an Ideal Wellness Destination

Since I’m a wellness minded traveler, over the years I’ve explored many of London’s iconic attractions and hidden corners with an eye to rejuvenating.

For me, London is a great wellness destination, all wrapped up in one.

Wonder what I mean?

Here are 5 great reasons why London is a vibrant and unique wellness travel destination.

If you’re craving a well around approach to well-being with experiences that enrich both the mind & body, there’s plenty waiting for you in London.

London Has Green Spaces for Exercise & Relaxation

Perhaps unbelievably, almost half of London is green space. Making it incredibly easy to be present, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and work in a bit of self-care.

London’s inspiring green spaces provide ample opportunities to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. As well as, get some exercise!

Throw in a few traveling buddies and the outdoors becomes a chance to connect with others in fun & enjoyable ways.

5 Reasons Why London is a Unique  Wellness Destination

There’s real diversity in London with its many parks, squares, canals and of course the riverside.

Meaning, it’s simple to work in a walk to clear your head or experience other fun outdoor pursuits. Like kayaking Regent’s Canal, paddle boating in Hyde Park or taking a photo walk.

Heck, you can even float around in a heated hot tub boat in Canary Wharf. With drinks included, it certainly sounds like relaxing fun to me!

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London is a Food Mecca

Few cites in the world rival London’s culinary diversity.

Not only can you find plenty of healthy options, you can also find food experiences that reflect the vibrant multi-cultural spirt of London.

5 Reasons Why London is a Unique Wellness Destination

Sometimes England gets a bad rap when it comes to food, but there is an extraordinary amount of foodie things to do in London.

You’ll find things like pop-up food trucks, roof top bars, bespoke cocktails, markets, festivals and more.

5 Reasons Why London is a Unique Wellness Destination

Whatever food you love, chances are you can find it in London. So, be sure to plan a few food adventures on your bucket list, your stomach will thank you.

A few of my favorites?

London is an ideal city to nourish you inner foodie and find pleasure in sampling, exploring, tasting, and sharing the memories with friends & family.

London is a Mind & Body Hub

If you want to re-align your mind & body, you’re in for a treat because mindful experiences are aplenty in London.

With a progressive mindfulness scene and a wide array of spas, there is going to be something to relax you into bliss.

Underneath London’s hectic city exterior is a tranquil mind-body vibe.

5 Reasons Why London is a Unique Wellness Destination

In London, you’ll find things like ancient sound healing gong baths, floating sensory tanks and cinematic yoga…just to name a few!

There are meditation studios & spas in every borough, many with drop in services and single class options. Meaning, you don’t have to be a member or even plan that far ahead.

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London is a Gold Mine for Learning

Experience the joy of learning in London.

There is so much going on in a city like London to stimulate the brain cells. In that sense, it’s an ideal place for personal development.

A chance to get creative. To be curious. To try new things.

5 Reasons Why London in a Unique Wellness Destination

Concerts and performances are wonderful opportunities to be inspired, open your mind and widen your perspective.

Day classes will teach you things like how to make spring rolls, pottery, or silver jewelry. In addition, there are loads of photography tours & classes, for the budding photographer in all of us.

And organized walking tours are an easy and accessible way to dive into the history & culture of the city.

Specialty workshops are a plenty and still on my bucket list are:

  • Pickling Class at The Little Duck
  • Miniature Paper Sculptures at The V & A

London Makes it Easy to Personalize Wellness

In a city the size of London, there’s something for everyone. A thousand times over.

Performances, workshops, exhibitions and well-known events like Wimbledon, The London Festival of Architecture & The Chelsea Flower Show mark the annual calendar.

There are museums, cultural events, sports, festivals and holiday festivities for every taste and passion.

And it’s ever changing. Meaning if you are a frequent visitor (like me), there’s always something new on the horizon!

5 Reasons Why London is a Unique Wellness Destination

Honestly, there is so much going on in London that it just makes me want to turn the phone off, take a digital detox and be a part of it all.

There’s life to be lived in London.

As Samuel Johnson said, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. And that my friends, is so very true.

So, do these ideas spark London as a wellness travel destination for you?

Any way you cut it, there are plenty of ways to work in wellness elements that enrich the mind & body and promote healthy travel.

So, you can come inspired and a better version of yourself!

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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5 Reasons Why London is a Unique Wellness Destination

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