A Relaxing Weekend in Mawgan Porth Cornwall

A Relaxing Weekend in Mawgan Porth Cornwall

Situated on the beautiful north coast of Cornwall, Mawgan Porth is the perfect place for a relaxing weekend.

This quaint coastal hamlet is home to a quiet beach with golden sand, beach cafes, and two fantastic spas.

Add in a human in need of a recharge, and it’s everything you need for some bliss!

My first visit to Mawgan Porth was a few years ago. I was amazed by the landscape and charmed by the laid-back atmosphere. My intuition told me that I’d be back again.

Indeed, the very next summer the a return trip was on the agenda, a wellness weekend getaway!

A Relaxing Weekend in Mawgan Porth Cornwall

Wellness Travel in Cornwall

If you’ve been here before, you’ll know that I LOVE Cornwall.

It’s one of the most beautiful corners of England, as well as one of my favorite places to restore my health & well-being.

Cornwall is also a sacred travel place. A place where I can connect with myself and nature, as well as embrace contemplative & meditative activities.

With a journal and camera in hand, it’s easy to wander the coast for hours on end, getting totally lost in the moment.

Relaxing Weekend in Mawgan Porth

I’ve watched sunsets, meditated, and done yoga on more cliff top spots than I can count.

Every moment has been meaningful and even therapeutic, as I’ve healed grief there too.

In short, in Cornwall you can experience the fullness of life and walk away enriched making it idyllic for wellness travel.

Planning a Wellness Weekend Getaway

This last trip to Mawgan Porth was an intentional weekend reset after a week hiking & cycling the north coast. It was time for a more relaxing pace, to recharge the batteries!

Making time and space for wellness is an important part of planning wellness travel. Something I’ve learned to find joy in doing over the years.

It’s unexpected, but lovely that travel planning boosts happiness too!

A Relaxing Weekend in Mawgan Porth

After asking myself some wellness oriented planning questions, Mawgan Porth seemed the ideal choice as a mid-trip pit stop.

Not only for the fantastic spa opportunities, but also for the nature opportunities.

Because well-being isn’t just in spa treatments and experiences. It also comes from the many other experiences we build into our days. 😉

How to Relax in Mawgan Porth

Why consider Mawgan Porth for a relaxing weekend?

Above all, it’s all about the outdoors.

Mawgan Porth the kind of place where you experience those idylliic summer days. You know, the kind where things flow with peace and ease as your enjoy simply being outside.

It’s a prime location to wake-up and just see where the day takes you.

A Relaxing Weekend in Mawgan Porth Cornwall

Here are a few of the things I enjoyed as I intentionally made time and space to relax my mind, body, & spirit in Mawgan Porth.

Surely, you’ll find an idea or two here just for you.

Enjoy Your Morning Coffee with a View

Kick off your day in style! Head to The Beach Box Cafe for your morning coffee with a view.

This friendly beachside cafe serves up great morning cappuccino. As well as other healthy food options throughout the day.

There’s not a bad view in Mawgan Porth, but head to the terrace on the roof and you might just feel like you’re on top of the world!

Play in The Rock Pools

Exploring rock pools is like being a kid again!

A Relaxing Weekend in Mawgan Porth Cornwall

Mawgan Porth is home to a stream that runs the length of the beach, making it an ideal place to explore the shallow rock pools. You can find deeper pools along the cliffs at the end of the beach, too.

You will see kids (and adults alike) with their nets searching for sea creatures & enjoying these wonderous pools that are created as the tides move in and out.

It’s a fun & mindful way to be present and connect with nature.

Rejuvenate at Bedruthan Hotel & Spa

The Bedruthan Hotel & Spa is a relaxing place to rest your head for a weekend.

Boasting the usual array of spa facilities there’s enough to keep you busy for a while. But, the star of the show here is the Sensory Garden Experience. This unique one-hour outdoor experience is inspired by the four elements.

It’s the most creative spa experience I’ve found yet, and an hour of sensory bliss. I highly recommend it!

Another thing to love about this spa is the commanding view over the ocean, especially from the thermal area.

In addition, The Scarlet (a sister property), is located just down the path. This eco luxury spa might be for you, if you appreciate an Ayurvedic approach to well-being.

Either place will help you relax into a state of bliss.

Reflect with a Relaxing Stroll on The Beach

Go on, throw your cares to the wind and simply stroll the beach without agenda.

Mawgan Porth is quieter than many of the other popular beaches along the north coast, so you’ll have no problem finding some peace & quiet.

It’s a perfect moment for self-reflection.

How to Relax in Mawgan Porth Cornwall

Whether you go morning, noon, or night…the beach is always ready to welcome you.

Let your mind wander, be present, and delight in the beauty all around you.

Take an Inspiring Hike to Bedruthan Steps

A hike is a great travel tool to relax the mind & body.

And this hike…well it’s self-care definitely worth doing more than once in a weekend!

Taking a different camera lens each time is a good way to get a different perspective on the landscape. And a mindful photo walk here is amazing too!

Just over a half hour on foot and you’ll find yourself face to face with one of the most dramatic views on the north coast.

The vibrant blue-green hues of the water will take your breath away.

The coastal air will declutter your mental space & invigorate you, and the views will leave you feeling inspired for weeks to come.

Have a Relaxing Picnic at the Beach

What’s a summer day without a picnic?!

Pop into Cornish Fresh (a local grocery store right next to the beach) and get yourself some cheese, fresh bread, & fruit for some afternoon nourishment.

Then…listen to the waves, enjoy the warm sun, and take pleasure in eating al fresco on the beach.

Experience the Awe of a Sunset

Sunsets in Cornwall…there are few moments of the day more tranquil than this.

How to Relax in Mawgan Porth Cornwall

Its blissful relaxation to watch nature do her magic and the north coast sure has some spots worthy of consideration.

Bedruthan Steps is memorable and the abandoned Wheal Coates mine in St. Agnes provides an idyllic backdrop to the changing colors of the sky.

If you’re staying at the Bedruthan Hotel, grab a seat on the outdoor patio and watch the show.

I hope your next trip to Mawgan Porth is a relaxing weekend. One that recharges your mind, body, & soul.

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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