Mondeval Plateau: An Afternoon of Dolomite Nature Self-Care

Mondeval Plateau: An Afternoon of Dolomite Nature Self-Care

Discover The Dolomite’s Mondeval Plateau with this snapshot a self-care afternoon at 2200 meters!

Nestled on a Dolomite plateau, high above Cortina is an idyllic place to spend a leisurely afternoon.

You might think that a hike here would be just another day out in the mountains, but you’d be wrong.

I know I was…

A Self-Care Day in The Dolomites

When I set out a few weekends ago to explore the path from Giau Pass to Lake Baste on Mondeval Plateau, I expected a good hike with gorgeous views.

What I got was so much more! It was also a lovely day of connecting with myself & nature…a wonderful surprise.

If you’re visiting Cortina (and you should), here’s a few reasons why this day out is one for the well-being books.

Finding Wellness in Cortina

Cortina is a charming mountain resort town located two hours north of Venice.

It’s a prime spot for outdoor pursuits, an idyllic wellness travel destination and one of the most central places to base yourself for a Dolomite adventure.

Just two hours from my home in the neighboring region of Friuli, it’s a regular day trip for me. Especially when I want to get out of my head, digitally detox and reset my mind & body.

The mountains are enough to set anything right!

An Energizing Hike to Mondeval Plateau

The only way to get to Mondeval Plateau in The Dolomites is to hike, making it the ideal place for an outdoor self-care stop.

There are several trails that lead to the plateau and my adventure starts with my camera in hand at Giau Pass (20 minutes from Cortina). It’s a splendid fall day for a photo hike.

Hiking is an invigorating way to take in the awe-inspiring scenery that The Dolomites offer. It’s an awesome way to stay in shape and The Dolomites offer some of the most stunning landscapes in Italy.

Hiking to Mondeval Plateau Dolomites

I’d not heard much about this plateau before and the day starts as any other hiking day. It’s energizing to be outside in the fresh air.

Little do I know, there’s a blissful experience ahead!

Nature Based Self-Care at 2200 Meters on Mondeval Plateau

The mountains offer great delights when it comes to syncing your mind & body.

No matter where you are, or even the season, taking self-care into the outdoors can boost your mood and add a mindful aspect to your practices.

Being in nature is something I really took to incorporating more of during lockdowns and it has really shifted my overall approach to self-care.

Now nature is a more intentional part of the plan, not just something I add in whenever it fits.

Mondeval Plateau: An Afternoon of Nature Self-Care in The Dolomites

Here are a few of the things that naturally unfolded as I wandered and really helped make the day about resetting my inner & outer worlds.

While this day taps into the natural resources in this spot, these are universal ideas that could be easily adapted to other outdoor locations.

Take in the Awe-Inspiring Dolomites Scenery to Boost Well-Being

A steep trail delivers me to the top of the plateau, and like many other experiences I’ve had in The Dolomites, the first view stirs something inside.

I linger. Oh…the views.

The view seems as expansive as the feeling in my heart.

Awe as Self-Care on Mondeval Plateau

I take some extra breaths to feel the joyful moment in my body.

According to Dr. Rick Hansen, taking in the good by holding the moment longer in our awareness makes the moment more emotionally stimulating. Certainly, we all need these kind of moments in larger doses these days!

It’s such a simple well-being travel tool to use when you’re in nature & I find myself calling on it more and more to deepen my experiences.

Practice Mindfulness to Deepen The Experience

This open plateau has plenty of places to sit down for a few minutes of meditation or yoga.

This plateau makes you want to slow down and turn inward. I feel quite reflective up here.

Let’s face it, there’s something serene about settling into yoga in the outdoors, especially is a place like this. So, a yoga sequence it is today.

But, if a formal practice isn’t your style, no worries. Instead you can have a simple wander and use your senses to be completely present in the moment.

Mondeval Plateau City of Stones

Leisurely Relax to Reset Your Mind & Body

Take some time to lie in the grass and just be.

Stare at the peaks.
Watch the clouds aimlessly float by.
Read a book.

Whatever it is that gets your mind & body into a sweet spot of relaxing bliss.

Today there’s a babbling brook that runs down the mountainside, so I sit and blissfully listen to the water.

Let Nature’s Beauty Inspire You to Journal

Journaling is a fantastic tool to cultivate well-being.

It can bring simple joy to travel adventures and it offers a wonderful opportunity to build self-awareness.

In fact, there are always mini journals in my bags and camera backpack.

Journaling as Self-Care on Mondeval Plateau

Journaling is something I find myself doing more and more when traveling these days.

I journal to clear my mind, to find my voice, to remember, to celebrate and to learn more about myself.

All of which help me to be a better person!

Do a Self-Care Ritual

Rituals can be deeply symbolic and nourishing.

Taking time to reflect on our heartfelt connections celebrates the meaning in our lives.

Some years ago at a mountain sanctuary, I saw people using rocks to spell out names on the ground, as a memorial of sorts.

Over the years I adapted the ritual and now also do it by writing names in the snow and on the sand at the beach (which I’ve seen called sand painting).

Snow Paining Self-Care Ritual on Mondeval Plateau

This trip I took a moment to let my dogs Lucky & Bella know that even though they crossed the rainbow bridge, they are still in my heart every day. 💜

Mindfully Enjoy a Picnic with a View

The wide open plateau provides the perfect grassy area with a built-in view to enjoy lunch.

It’s not everyday you find yourself in the sunlight at 2400 meters, so why not soak up every moment of the mountain view with a picnic lunch.

A meal is better with a view is a simple way to sink into your destination and give you memories to cherish for years to come.

PS…Don’t Forget The Photography!

Photography will make any travel day richer.

In fact I bet you’d agree, that for such a simple & accessible self-care tool, photography brings a whole lot of happiness & joy!

It also helps us discover the nooks and crannies of the places we visit, which leads to more authentic travel experiences.

Self-Care Photography in The Dolomites

Looking up, down, and all around allows you to be mindful and it cultivates creativity.

And that’s a lot of great things to come from a camera!

What do you think, does The Mondeval Plateau in The Dolomites sound like it’s for you?

You wouldn’t be disappointed, it’s worth the trip!

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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Outdoor Dolomites Self-Care on Mondeval Plateau

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