A Morning Routine for Travelers: Start with Well-Being & Win the Day

A Morning Routine for Travelers

Wake-up to well-being with this morning routine for travelers!

Looking for a good morning routine for travel? Want to create the healthiest morning routine you can for your adventures?

Well then, dive into these ideas to find your sweet spot of a morning travel routine.

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Cultivate Well-Being with a Morning Self-Care Routine

The power of morning routines is undeniable.

Research shows morning routines can boost energy, lower stress and increase focus.

Yet when traveling, our routines can get thrown out of whack. With a lack of time & small spaces, you might find yourself thinking…

What is a good morning routine?
How do I start the day positively?

Since T & I is a space of travel & self-care, it seemed about time to talk about ideas that will kick-start the dawn with well-being.

You know, those little things that can help us to build energy and start the day feeling calm and present.

As someone who prioritizes wellness, I find that the morning is the best time to work in many of my well-being practices. It’s the time of day where my schedule is fixed, so I can better plan plan & set myself up for success.

A Morning Routine for Travelers

Here is a simple morning routine for travelers. One that you can take with you, not matter where you roam.

Many of these well-being practices are easy and can be done just about anywhere. They are simple & healthy ways to start the day.

So, you can get out and explore the world with energy and zest.

Pass on The Snooze Button, Inspiration Awaits

Get up, get out there and seize the day!

Just think about it, there’s a great day of inspiration, waiting just for you.

A Morning Routine for Travelers: Start with Well-Being & Win the Day

Mornings tend to be a quieter time to explore, so make the most of that gift and go. Find your early morning adventure, take photos or go enjoy your morning beverage of choice in a local cafe.

Time away from daily life is so very precious, so make the most of every moment.

Refresh with Water

Drinking water is a super simple way to energize your body in the morning.

Starting the morning off with water first thing will refresh you and help you get ahead of the game. And if you’re anything like me, there is always lots of walking in the schedule, so chances are you’ll need more water than normal.

Put a full glass next to the bed in the evening, so it’s there in the morning. Personally, I like not having to get out of bed first thing. Then it’s easier to transition to the next thing the self-care item, breath work.

Just Breathe

Now that you have some water down the hatch and your eyes open to the world, go inward to find some calm and clarity.

Just breathe.

A Morning Routine for Travelers: Start with Well-Being & Win the Day

It’s understandable that you may not want to take long bouts of time to meditate, yet breathing for even a few minutes will help to calm your mind & body.

Just a few moments of breathing will extend well into your day, bringing you more peace and calm.

Write In Your Journal

Breathing done, next on the list is journaling.

There are so many ways to start your day with pen and paper. Things like morning pages, a gratitude list or journal prompts can cultivate creativity, build self-awareness & increase well-being.

Here are three morning prompts perfect for travel:

1. What am I looking forward to today?
2. What do I want to make time for today?
3. How do I want to feel when I go to bed tonight?

Enjoy the Silence

Before the day kicks into high gear, take a few moments to turn inward and sink into the silence.

A Morning Routine for Travelers

There are infinite ways to take in the quiet of your surroundings in the morning. You could:

  • open the window and let in the fresh air
  • gaze out the window & take-in the sunrise
  • revel in a hot shower

Travel can be busy and tiring at times, so morning provides the perfect time for a quiet reset.

Stretch, Move, Exercise

There’s nothing more engaging than movement in the morning.

Starting the day with movement is good for your mind & body as well as, it will improve your energy throughout the day.

You could start with something short and sweet like stretching or enjoy the gentleness of any early morning swim.

Whatever brings you joy or allows you to dive into the local experiences around you, schedule it in for the morning. That leaves the rest of the day for you to go where the wind blows!

Mix Your At-Home Routine with Your New Environment

Some parts of your morning routine may translate well to travel, others not so much.

Yet, one of the great parts of travel is the new experiences, so why not take an oldie but goodie and infuse it into your destination.

  • Love to walk? Grab your camera and take a mindful photo walk.
  • Like your morning yoga? Find a park to do your flow.
  • Prefer your coffee in solitude(like me)? Find a local cafe and people watch!

Exercise, Part of a Morning Travel Routine

Bring the best of both worlds together to find your happy place.

Do One Thing That Makes You Happy

Life is too darn short not to work happiness into our days. Yep, it’s that simple!

Build well-being by listening to your favorite podcast as you get ready, grab a fresh pastry or enjoy your favorite morning ritual. Whatever it is that brings you bliss.

A Morning Ritual for Travel to Boost Well-Being

My morning loves are cappuccino & photography. To me, nothing says inspirational travel day ahead like a leisurely coffee & time behind the lens!

Be Present in The Moment

No matter how to put your morning travel routine together, don’t forget to tune-in and be present.

Being present is the perfect thread to start in the morning and then weave throughout your day.

A Morning Routine for Travelers: Start with Well-Being & Win the Day

Presence is something that can be practiced with tiny morning health habits like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Or, go inward with a mindful meditation or a guided visualization.

Insight Timer has loads that are less than 5 minutes and perfect for travel!

Crafting Your Own Morning Travel Routine

In the end, the optimal routine will look different for each of us. As well as, differ from trip to trip since our needs, schedules and interests are fluid.

That means that the healthiest morning routine for each of us is the one we craft with well-being in mind.

Whether you’re itching to be in the beauty of nature or find some time alone, the mind and body know how to lead the way.

We just have to tune-in and listen.

Tell me, what makes the list for your morning routine for travelers?

If you don’t know where to begin, keep it simple and start with your one thing. Whether it’s a healthy breakfast, quiet time, or a walk…it’s bound to get you off on the right foot.

Happy travels!

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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A Morning Routine for Travelers

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