November in Krakow- A Mindful Photo Walk

A Mindful Photo Walk in Krakow

Don’t miss exploring the historic streets of Krakow through the lends of a mindful photo walk!

Krakow is a city of colorful streets, cobble-stoned lanes, and a stunning medieval square.

With Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic, and Art Noveau influences, it’s an amazing place to simply wander. To appreciate the stunning architecture & local life.

It’s not hard to be awe-inspired wandering the streets of Krakow. The historic center is compact and easily walkable, making it ideal for a mindful photo walk.

Come along and explore Krakow in November!

A Mindful Photo Walk in Krakow

A Mindful Photo Walk in Krakow

Walking is one of my favorite ways to see a new place and a regular part of my self-care practice when I travel.

It’s good for the mind & body and I’m all about that because wellness is my passion.

As an advocate for health & well-being, I am always looking for ways to incorporate wellness into travel.

Mindful photography is an ideal way to connect with the unique sense of place every location has to offer.

As well as, a photo walk is an ideal way to stay in shape while traveling.

This year over Thanksgiving, I spent a few days in Krakow. Since this was my first trip, I really wanted to explore the city early in the morning when it was less populated and blanketed in quiet.

To get a sense of place.

Day one I kicked-off my walk right in the heart of Krakow, in The Old Town.

Architecture makes me smile, so I jump out of bed early, ready to explore!

Luckily enough, our apartment is right off the main square. The Apartments Roman is an idyllic location if you are looking to be in the center of it all.

November in Krakow:  A Mindful Photo Walk

The day starts with a walk through Planty Park.

This unique circular shaped park is great for quiet contemplation.

With only a few people around, it’s easy to absorb the solitude.

I walk the park for a while before veering off for one of my regular morning self-care rituals. Italy or not, the morning has to start with a good cappuccino!

Mindful Photo Walk

The open door greets me with the sweet smell of coffee. The homemade confit is memorable and goes down a treat. Gazing out the window of Karma Cafe, Krakow is waking up and starting to come to life.

Mornings are made for these kinds of mindful moments.

The day is off to a lovely start and I smile before bundling up to head outside. Knowing it’s a holiday and I have the day to myself!

A Mindful Photo Walk in Krakow

Passing through the historic Florian’s gateway, the next stop is the main square.

Lonely Planet has called The Main Market Square the most beautiful square in the world, and I couldn’t agree more.

Architecturally harmonious, the Main Square has a meditative effect on the mind and is a spot of tranquility early in the morning.

It’s the largest medieval square in Europe, stunning during the day and evocative at night.

A Mindful Photo Walk in Krakow

It took my breath away when we arrived the first night and it’s a travel moment that won’t be forgotten!

The Cloth Hall has endless repetitive patterns, and the portico is symmetrical perfection.

A Mindful Photo Walk in Krakow

On the other side of the square the lions catch my eye.

They remind me of how my dog Bella used to sleep, with her front paws crossed. She’s been gone a while now, but I still think about her all the time.

Thankfully, travel really helped me to cope with the grief. 😔

I turn on to Grodska street, one of the oldest streets in Krakow.

The cobblestones give it added character and make it easy to hear the clip-clop of the horses trotting down the lane.

The colorful adornments and fairy-tale-like carriage draw you into the moment.

A Mindful Photo Walk Historic Krakow

The classic Christmas decorations seem perfectly suited to the old textures of the buildings.

It’s the small things like evergreen and bells that add happiness to The Christmas season in Europe.

November in Krakow: A Mindful Photo Walk

Next up is Kanonciza street. Here, the baroque and renaissance architecture transports you to another era.

One where beauty was aforethought of every building.

It’s a picturesque little street, ending with a view of the castle.

A Mindful Photo Walk in Krakow

Walking underneath the castle makes me feel small, as it’s grand. There is plenty of space for me and my thoughts here.

The castle is actually comprised of an entire complex of buildings, surrounding an open garden courtyard.

It affords beautiful vantage points, making it an ideal spot to stop and take in the view.

Krakow Castle

Next on the walk is the old historic Jewish quarter of Kazimierz.

There is plenty here that transports you back in time- old signs, textured walls, and faded buildings.

November in Krakow: A Mindful Photo Walk

There is also a splash of the new with indie cafes, restaurants, bars, and a few vintage stores.

A Mindful Photo Walk in Historic Krakow

This area reminds me of Warsaw with all of the faded walls, detailed doors, and cobblestone alleys.

The details make it easy to be in the moment, observing each corner & being truly present.

I love mindful travel for this reason.

November in Krakow: A Mindful Photo Walk

Lunch is long overdue and I have a local place in mind. It’s vegetarian today at Hamsa Israeli Restaurant.

This is mindful eating at it’s finest, a colorful plate full of textures and tastes.

I linger over lunch much longer than usual. After all, there is no hurry today. No work to get back to, no deadlines, no stress. I just enjoy every bite.

It’s a little past 2 pm and yet feels like dusk is right around the corner. I decide to head towards the river. It’s the last stop before a scheduled tour at Schindler’s museum later in the day.

The water is still and glassy and it seems more like a lake than a river. Walking along, the reflections in the water change and morph every so often.

It’s peaceful here.

November in Krakow: A Mindful Photo Walk

The light is soft, one of the things I love about winter travel. It adds a little bit of magic to the afternoon…bliss.

Wandering Krakow mindfully present has been a delight.

The old and historic buildings, as well as the beautiful views, have quickly won me over! It’s been a good travel day and I feel grateful for the chance to explore this beautiful city.

I hope that this mindful photo walk in Krakow has inspired you to make time for your own mindful travel adventures.

After all, there is nothing better than immersing yourself in your experiences and getting lost in the moments, right?

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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