10 Questions to Help You Plan a Wellness Vacation

Are you looking to plan a self-guided getaway and don’t know where to start? Then what you need is a good set of questions to plan your wellness vacation. And look no further my friend, I’ve got you covered!

Could you use a reboot?

Do you need of some time away from the daily grind, to recharge your mind & body?

Taking breaks from daily life has always been good for well-being, and it’s more important now than ever.

It’s really not surprising that wellness travel is gaining momentum. Especially given that the pandemic has highlighted the renewed importance of prioritizing health & well-being.

Travel is an ideal way to rest, reboot, & rejuvenate, as you transform into a better version of yourself.

There is no one place, way to travel, or set of activities that make up the perfect wellness getaway.

In part because our health needs and motivations are personal. But more importantly, because those needs and motivations are fluid and ever-changing.

Which means the best wellness travel planning happens one trip at a time.

Why Should You Plan a Wellness Vacation?

Engaging in wellness travel, or traveling in ways that enhance your health & wellbeing on the road, is absolutely worth the effort.

Time away is an investment in your mind & body, and when done with a little bit of intention & planning will return a better you back to your daily life.

And who doesn’t want that?

Planning a wellness vacation is intensely personal.

Since wellness means different things to different people, the key to a successful getaway is to figure out what will work for you. So you can personalize your trip to your current health needs & motivations.

No matter how long your adventure, planning ahead will allow you to find the right formula. One that will rest and restore the mind, body, & spirit.

What Should You Include in Your Wellness Vacation?

Wellness vacations come in many different shapes and sizes. Yet, they typically have some elements in common.

They often take into consideration the daily self-care habits that are important to our health and well-being. Fundamentals like a healthy diet, movement, sleep, and relaxation.

In addition, travel presents an opportunity to incorporate other activities that help us reset. And even those that push us out of our comfort zone, to learn & grow.

Think of it this way…

The perfect wellness getaway is probably one where you marry your current self-care routine with the other elements that your destination can provide. Resulting, in an ideal way to explore new & exciting locations, or even well-trodden ones too.

10 Questions to Help You Plan The Perfect Wellness Vacation

Here are 10 questions to help plan a wellness vacation.

Asking yourself these will help you get to the heart of what you need and then plan the perfect getaway. The great thing about these questions is that you can use these them every single time you travel.

Remember, don’t look at this as just another thing to do. Instead, take your time and bask in the joy of travel planning.

You know, the part that research has shown builds happiness!

Get yourself a journal, block off some much needed self-care time and use these questions to plan a wellness vacation of your dreams!

1. Why do I want to go on a wellness trip?

Any successful undertaking always starts with the why.

Why, you ask? Well, because we are most motivated by knowing why we do things. It helps us work towards our purpose. Leadership expert Simon Sinek calls this “the golden circle”, and it has great application for travel & well-being.

So, creating the right type of wellness trip starts with understanding your health needs and motivations. Be open and honest with yourself, and listen to your intuition.

Ask yourself ” why do you why to get away?”. To digitally detox, to get some R & R, to reconnect with family & friends?

Whatever it is, find your why!

2. What is my travel intention?

The next step is deciding how you want to approach your trip, so you can better make time and space for it to happen.

If every moment is a choice, how do you want to spend your time?

Do you need peace and quiet? Do you prefer a slow travel approach? Is it important to be eco-friendly? Or, do you crave a more mindful travel experience?

Questions to Plan A Wellness Vacation

You could also simply choose a mantra for your trip. Something like “enjoy” or “take a risk”. Just a simple idea to anchor your align your actions to your experiences.

I started incorporating this several years ago in my travel journaling, and have found it to be super helpful in keeping me focused on not just my travel intent, but also my over-all well-being. And that’s a win-win!

3. What destination would help me meet my travel intention?

Wellness travel can take you anywhere in the world, even your own backyard.

So, in considering your overall intent, where could you go that would ideally fit your current needs & desires?

Do you want to check something off your bucket list? Is your dream vacation to Italy calling?

Or are you looking for a specific type of geographical area to recharge, like the mountains of The Dolomites? The coastal waters of Cornwall? Or the ruggedness of the Scottish Highlands?

Wherever it is, simply choose the place that best suits your current needs.

4. How long do I really need to rest & recharge?

There are are a few things to consider here.

First, how much time do you have? How long can you reasonably get away from daily responsibilities?

The second, and equally important part is, how much time do you really need to feel refreshed?

Sometimes a day trip is enough of a recharge and other times, a good weekend away will leave you feeling refreshed. Of course, occasionally we need a more solid chunk of time, like a proper vacation, so we can really relax & unwind.

The last consideration is your budget. At times, I find this weighs more heavily than others with my decision making. It really depends on how set I am on a destination, and the the cost of accommodation based on the season.

5. When would be the ideal time or season to get away?

Given your daily demands, ask yourself when is a good time to step away from family and work responsibilities?

Maybe some pockets of time are better than others personally or professionally, especially if you are planning anything more than a weekend away.

Also, ask yourself if the season affects your desired activity choices?

For example, hiking and enjoying the outdoors might make the summertime more your speed.

Unless of course, you want to dive into something new like snowshoeing or dog sledding. Then winter would definitely be the ticket!

6. Do I want to share my adventure with others?

Or, is solo travel calling?

If you’re looking to share some laughs, talk about life or reconnect with others, then a trip with family & friends is the way to go.

But, sometimes we all need some time on our own. To think, breathe, and have the space to reflect.

Or perhaps, your travel adventures are a mix of both.

Again, being flexible with each trip will really be the key to successful wellness travel planning.

7. What type of accommodation would best support my goals?

What type of accommodation would be most conducive for you to de-stress?

Something relaxing & comfortable like a spa hotel ? The intimate cozy & intimate feel of a lodge in the countryside? Or an eco-friendly place in nature?

It could also be that location & convenience play a part in your trip goals.

For example, in London, I will pay more for a central hotel because it allows me to come and go multiple times during the day. Which is helpful in colder weather and when I want to change out my camera gear.

But in Venice, I prioritize a residential location instead to have more of a quiet getaway.

8. What kind of activities would fill my bucket?

This is the really fun part of planning.

Start by thinking about what kinds of activities give you energy, both mentally & physically. Then work some of those into your plans.

And don’t forget about what may fill your spiritual bucket too!

Questions To Plan Wellness Vacation

Also, don’t miss your well-earned opportunity to tale a step back from the information-driven world and really focus on tech-free activities.

Especially those that are creative or get you outside.

9. What resources can I use to plan my wellness vacation?

Knowing your resources is a key piece of planning any kind of travel.

Print and digital resources are abundant when it comes to travel, especially if you’re looking for destination specific information. Think books, travel guides, and tourist boards.

There are also lots of informative travel blogs out there that focus on specific travel niches related to well-being.

Heck, there’s an entire blog category devoted to wellness here at T & I…and lots of wellness driven travel guides too!

And when planning, don’t forget to tap into your own friends & family for travel ideas. Sometimes the “been there, done that” recommendations from those who know you well, are the best!

10. What is the one thing my wellness vacation must include?

Lastly, think about what one thing has to be a part of your weekend getaway or vacation.

What one thing would bring you the most joy, help you feel the most positive, or allow you to return home feeling more rested & restored?

It could be an everyday thing or something specific to your destination

Personally, I find that my “one thing” is often something free & easily accessible like a mindful photo walk or a local trail hike.

And sometimes, it’s that once in a lifetime adventure like skydiving or swimming with horses!

Remember to pin this for future travel planning. Or send it right to someone’s inbox & make their day!

I hope these questions help you to plan a wellness vacation that fills your bucket.

until the next time…
…live well-travel well-be well

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