7 Ideal Places to Relax in Venice

7 Relaxing Things To Do In Venice

If you’re headed to Venice, then you’re going to want to have some places to relax in your toolkit. And yes, amongst all of the iconic landmarks and busy alleyways, you can actually find places to take a rest. You just have to know where to look!

Venice, it’s a place everyone should see in their lifetime, and many do. As one of the top destinations in Italy, it’s known to get busy!

Yet, Venice is always full of surprises. Including the fact, that there are many relaxing places to rest for a bit and really take it all in.

Thankfully, it really only takes a few turns to find tranquil Venice!

Finding Relaxing Wellness in Venice

All good getaways should include some rest & relaxation, proving that wellness travel is for everyone!

Not only is relaxation good for the mind & body, but slowing the pace helps us to better appreciate the places we visit.

With no cars, Venice is an ideal destination to relax into exploring and experience the awe-inspiring beauty all around you. At your own pace, with no buses, scooters, or cars to distract you.

The ability to escape from the noise may be an unexpected wellness element of Venice, but it’s a good one!

Coupled with a good tech-free day, time here may just leave you feeling refreshed & recharged.

7 Ideal Places to Relax in Venice

I live a short train ride from Venice and spend lots of time meandering its many corners.

A day trip here is a favorite piece in my self-care toolkit because I love spending the day wandering with my camera in hand.

It’s just good for my well-being.

Relax & Eat in Venice

So, today I am sharing a few of my favorite places to relax in Venice.

Some are on the beaten path, some are off the beaten path, but they all have one thing in common.

They’re places you can stop and just be for a while. Places you can be present and turn on your mindful travel skills and take in the sights & sounds around you.

Places bound to bring you a little bit of bliss.

Punta della Dogana di Mare

…ideal for water lovers

Standing at the entrance of the Grand Canal, opposite St. Mark’s Square, is Punta della Dogana.

What used to be an old customs building, is now a museum. And right next to it on the triangular tip is an outdoor space that is perfect for relaxation.

One of the wonderful things about this spot, is that other people tend to flock there for the same reason.

Yet, it’s rarely packed and still peaceful.

Even when it’s more than just you and your thoughts, you’re surrounded by like minded people just hoping to do the same…relax and take in the tranquility of the lapping water. And the view. 😉

The Steps of Santa Maria della Salute

…ideal for watching the world go by

Now, this is a seat with a view!

Just a few steps from Punta della Dogana, is the church of St. Mary, or Santa Maria della Salute.

The octagonal church is perched atop large granite stairs, which are perfect for an afternoon stop.

7 Ideal Places to Relax in Venice

Not far from The Guggenheim Museum, it’s a convenient place to just get lost in the moment and lazily watch the world go by.

Hidden Corners

…ideal no matter where you roam

This may be the easiest place to relax in Venice.

Simply because, there are hidden corners everywhere…just waiting for you to catch your breathe and take a pause.

7 Ideal Places to Relax in Venice

The quiet corners are perfect to let things just organize themselves.

So you can step out of the energy of rush and dive into the present moment of beauty.


…ideal for relaxing into the local scene

Canareggio is one of the six historic sestieri (districts) of Venice. As the largest district, it has a lot to offer.

7 Ideal Places to Relax in Venice

Historically, it’s best known as home to The Jewish Ghetto.

It has a local neighborhood vibe, great bacari (bars) for cicchetti, and plenty of alleyways to explore at a slower pace. Oh, and one of my favorite coffee haunts is here too!

For these reasons, it’s my favorite district to wander and get lost for a while.

Baia del Re

…ideal for peace & quiet

Baia del Re is an area at the end of The Cannaregio Canal.

I aimlessly wandered into this area years ago, and keep returning for the peace & quiet.

Without a doubt, it’s one of the quietest areas in the city.

7 Ideal Places to Relax in Venice

There’ s something spacious about it, as it opens to the north side of the lagoon. Which is an unexpected experience given the endless quaint & narrow passageways that cover most of Venice.

There are quite a few benches in the area, making it an ideal place to rest your feet for a while and think or journal.

A totally different side of Venice, it’s well worth a few steps off of the beaten path. Look for the drive up boat gas pump, it’s a quirky novelty.

Isola di San Michele

…ideal for browsing history with a slow & thoughtful pace

San Michele is an island located in The Venetian lagoon, nestled between the main island and Murano.

It’s one of the more intriguing islands in the lagoon as it houses Venice’s cemetery.

Definitely another one of the quietest places in Venice, here you can easily relax into exploring.

7 Places to Relax in Venice

I often seek out old cemeteries when traveling across Europe.

They’re a unique and architecturally rich view into culture.

San Michele is no exception, as it has some beautiful tombstones. The Catholic section is beautiful in a formal and orderly kind of way. And the Greek and Protestant sections have a serene feel of rustic decay.

You may also be interested in exploring these historic cemeteries:

Relax at The Iconic Landmarks in Venice

…ideal for everyone

Everyone visits one or more of the iconic landmarks in Venice. You know, places like:

  • St. Mark’s Square & The Campanile
  • The Doge Palace
  • The Rialto Bridge
  • The Bridge of Sighs
  • Teatro La Fenice
  • The Arsenale

Although these can be busy places, they can also be relaxing experiences. If you bring the right mindset.

And in particular, if you visit in the early morning, late at night, or in the off-season.

So, don’t dismiss the experiences that await you in the iconic places when you just allow yourself to be in the space.

Relaxing Day Trips from Venice

If you’re looking to broaden your R & R while you are in Venice, here are a few ideas…

Spend some time in The Dolomites and basque in the fresh mountain air.

Only a two hour drive, the resort town of Cortina is an ideal day trip. Or if you’re looking for a weekend escape, spend the weekend on Europe’s largest alpine meadow, Alpe di Siusi.

If you want to experience slow & mindful travel, try the eastern neighboring region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. It’s an undiscovered gem!

Full of quiet villages with local traditions, it’s white wine heaven.

You’ll feel like you stepped into another world and that’s something to write home about!

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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