7 Ways To Relax & Unwind On Vacation

7 Ways to Relax & Unwind on Vacation

Done right, vacation is the perfect time to recharge. A time to relax and unwind, so you can return to daily life happier & more energized.

With stress levels only climbing in modern life, it’s more important than ever to adopt strategies to help find that sweet spot of calm when we travel.

The great thing about vacations is that they offer a getaway from life’s daily demands. They are chock full of mindful opportunities relax and reboot.

According to The American Travel Association, the most common reason people travel is to avoid burnout.

So, clearly you’re not alone if you look to travel as a way to relax & recharge the batteries!

7 Ways To Relax On Vacation

There is a solid connection between relaxation and our health & well-being. Making relaxation strategies a worthy addition to any vacation.

When we relax, blood flow increases which in turn increases our energy. Honestly, who’d say no to that!

Relaxation also promotes a calm & clear mind.

Surely, you’d raise your hand to more of that too!

7 Ways to Relax & Unwind on Vacation

If you’ve been here before, you’ll know that I am a passionate advocate for wellness travel.

Traveling with thought & attention to well-being is one of the fastest growing sectors in tourism and the great thing about wellness travel is that it has something to offer everyone.

How to Relax & Unwind on Vacation

Since T & I is all about exploring and planning wellness travels, it seemed time to talk more about ways to optimize and make space for relaxation during travel.

So, here are seven strategies to help you better relax on your next vacation.

Incorporating these ideas into your travels is sure to help you return home feeling better than when you left!

And isn’t that what travel is all about, becoming a better you!

Plan Wisely

Plan ahead, so you can be fully present.

Research shows that the act of travel planning can promote happiness, so kick things off by enjoying every minute of the travel planning process.

Be sure to have transportation logistics squared away, as often that is where confusion & delays cause stress.

And don’t forget to communicate digital boundaries with work and loved ones, so they know what to expect when you are away.

Adopt A Relaxed Mindset

Now here’s a sure-fire way to relax on vacation, prepare before you start.

Goals are best met when they are intentional, so before you leave start creating a mental space around your vacation planning.

7 Ways to Relax & Unwind on Vacation

Then as soon as you arrive, switch on your vacation mind by practicing a quick mindful practice.

Take a few deep breaths, stop and scan the scenery, or sit and watch life go by for a while. Make it a priority to immerse in your experiences by using your senses.

Practice Self-Care

Bring your regular self-care routine with you. Or add in a few new engaging ways to practice self-care to your travel itinerary.

Take the time to schedule in some of the things you normally do to relax your mind & body, whether it’s exercising, meditating, or journaling.

Explore your destination with a leisurely walk or take a stroll in a garden.

You will simply feel better.

Immerse In Nature

Spending time in nature can reduce stress, boost happiness & promote calm.

7 Ways to Relax & Unwind on Vacation

Why not have a picnic in the park, take a mindful nature walk, or visit a country park.

In addition, add in the benefits of muscle relaxation by taking a walk, one of the easiest ways to stay in shape during travel. Or get your heart pumping with a mountain hike, a coastal hike, or a bike ride.

Get A Massage

A massage is a great way to relaxation, and a powerful tool in promoting overall health & well-being.

Besides feeling great, massages help your muscles to relax. Which helps relieve stress and promoting feelings of happiness and calm.

It’s a no-brainer to make time for a massage, especially if you are staying at a spa resort or visiting wellness destinations like Cornwall or The Dolomites.

Unplug From Tech

We all need a digital detox from time to time and there is no better time to do it than vacation.

7 Ways to Relax & Unwind on Vacation

Whether you simply adjust your daily limits or plan a nearly tech free vacation, you will be more relaxed and connected with the wonderful travel moments right in front of you.

And that is a vacation worth planning!

Schedule Fun Activities

What’s the point of getting away from it all if you don’t incorporate things that bring fun & laughter?

Every vacation needs its fair share of fun! Whether it’s a day trip, weekend getaway, or extended vacation.

Making time to do things you love will help you relax and bring joy.

Above all, be sure to personalize your travels based on your current needs, so your trip leaves you relaxed & recharged.

It’s the only way to go!

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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