35 Simple Activities To Relax Your Mind & Body On Vacation

35 Simple Activitie to Relax Your Mind & Body on Vacation

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35 relaxing vacation activities for your next travel adventure.

In today’s busy world, it’s critical to take time to relax. And, perhaps there’s no better time to do that, then when you’re on vacation.

If some much-needed relaxation is on your agenda, you’re going to love these relaxing vacation activities.

Why You Should Unplug on Vacation

Daily demands regularly pull us in a thousand different directions.

Making relaxation necessary for good health & well-being.

Relaxation helps to rejuvenate the mind & body. So we have energy, find balance, & can thrive!

Relaxing Vacation Activities

Given our busy lives, it has become more important than ever to make time to relax on vacation.

To give the mind & body space to unwind and reconnect with our inner selves.

The issue of Burnout is real, so it’s critical that we make choices and create boundaries to respect our time off. That way we don’t deplete our energy and end up exhausted.

Why You Should Plan a Relaxing Schedule

Now more than ever, we all need regular breaks to reboot and rejuvenate.

To take care of our health & well-being. And there’s no doubt that many of us turn to travel to do just that.

We long for time away from daily responsibilities.

A time where we can be more fully present, slow down the pace, and find more pleasure & enjoyment.

Relaxing Vacation Activities

With the growth of wellness travel, opportunities to enrich health & well-being are now becoming more of a focus during travel.

Everyone can benefit from incorporating wellness elements into their travels. And relaxation strategies are no exception.

In fact, many of the things that create a relaxed state of being are also activities that bring us joy & pleasure.

For example, spending time outside or taking a relaxing stroll is something can fit into any itinerary.

Meaning, it’s quite easy to make time for relaxation when you’re on the road.

How to Relax on Vacation

Now, let’s talk relaxation…

You know, the calm you want more of in life.

The feeling that comes when your shoulders relax, your mind stops spinning, & you just feel good.

What we all crave more of in modern life.

Relaxing Vacation Activities

Last week’s blog post, 7 Ways To Relax & Unwind On Vacation, talked about seven strategies that can really help you cultivate a state of relaxation on vacation.

This post takes a deeper dive into the actual relaxation activities that you can easily incorporate into any travel adventure.

Whether it’s a local day trip, a weekend getaway, or even a dream vacation to England, Scotland, or Italy!

Know How You Best Relax

Relaxation will look different for every person, so it’s important to know how you relax best.

So, the key here is be honest with yourself as you begin planning.

Remember to consider activities that will relax both the mind and the body. And don’t forget to include some good old fashioned free-time in your schedule.

35 Relaxing Vacation Activities for Your Mind & Body

To kick-start your wellness travel planning, here are 35 relaxing vacation activities. You’re bound to find a few ideas that will inspire you.

1. Read a Good Book

Bring a favorite along for the ride or browse a local bookstore for something unique.

2. Study a Work of Art

Experience another world through art.

It could be as simple as lingering over a painting in a museum or even taking in a fountain in a public park.

3. Walk Barefoot

Feel the freedom…

Whether it’s the warm sand through your toes or the softness of an alpine plateau, your senses will come alive.

4. Take a Mindful Photo Walk

Be present behind the lens, wherever you roam.

From the bustling city life of London in December to a walk in a nature reserve, being present will make the experience all the sweeter.

5. Explore Interesting Architecture

Whether it’s old, new, modern, or period like Georgian, get lost in the meditative lines, patterns, & details.

6. Go on a Scenic Drive

It’s a leisurely way to take in the beauty without a fast-paced agenda. And, the timetable is 100% yours!

7. Take a Mountain Hike

It’s exercise, fresh air & scenery rolled into one!

My favorite place is the Dolomites, with inspirational hikes like Seceda, Tre Cime, & Alpe di Siusi.

8. Walk a Coastal Path

It’s exercise, salty sea air & scenery all rolled into one!

It’s hard to beat Cornwall for coastal wanderings! But my favorite day hike is Seven Sisters in England.

Relaxing Vacation Activities

9. Relax on a Beach

Ahh…can you hear the lapping waves?

10. Stroll a Garden

How about a soothing stroll in a garden?

Escape and find some peace of mind in a botanical, landscape, or water garden.

11. Bask in The Sun

Get your daily dose of vitamin D.

Find a park, a bench, or even a terraced cafe and feel the energizing warmth on your skin. Then sink into the moment.

12. Breathe

Slowly. Deeply. And as many times as needed to find your ahh spot.

It will clear your head & you’ll instantly feel better.

13. Practice Yoga

A pose, a sun salutation or even a sequence will bring your mind & body back into harmony.

Oh, and add some fresh air or scenery if at all possible!

14. Enjoy a Leisurely Coffee or Tea

Enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea.

This comforting ritual is a positive way to start any travel day and one of my favorites!

35 Ways to Relax Your Mind & Body on Vacation

15. Visit a Spa

There’s nothing better than booking your favorite spa treatment. Better yet, book in for the entire day!

16. Meditate


Quiet your mind and find your inner calm, it’s worth the time and energy.

17. Digitally Detox

Go on, you know you need to unplug for a while! Go tech-free for the day, weekend or entire vacation.

18. Sit Around a Fire

Chill-out by a fire. Enjoy the trance-like relaxation & that one of a kind crackling sound.

19. Back Rubs

Ahhh…try this idea to banish tension. Have someone give you a back rub. It’s simple and free!

20. Look at The Sky

Lie on the grass & look at the sky. Or watch the clouds float by. It’s an ideal way to get outside and be one with nature.

21. Stargaze

Stargaze to be inspired by something bigger than yourself. While there are lots of great spots in the world, Tuscany & St Agnes, Cornwall are two of my favorites.

22. Get Active

Get moving with your favorite form of exercise. It’s the perfect way to relax both the mind & body.

23. Watch the Sunset

Marvel at how magical the moment is, then close your eyes and stamp it into your visual memory.

That way you have it for a rainy day. 😉

35 Ways to Relax Your Mind & Body on Vacation

24. Work in Your Favorite Self-Care

Practice your favorite form of self-care. Or even try something new, you never know what healthy habit vacation may kick-start!

25. Try a Relaxing Morning Ritual

Kick off the morning centered with a relaxing ritual, like prayer or visualization.

26. Wrap-Up with a Bedtime Ritual

End the day with your favorite bedtime ritual. So you can reflect, relax & drift off into sweet sleep.

27. Spend Time Alone

Get some headspace by spending time alone. And enjoy every joyous & most likely quiet moment!

28. Do Something You Love

Do what lights you up inside. Something you love that will add happiness to your day, week, or even year!

29. Try Slow Travel

Lessen the pace & try a slow travel approach. Really soak up the environment & be open to new experiences.

30. Stop & Smell The Roses

Roaming a garden or park on your getaway? Well, then don’t forget to stop & smell the flowers, literally.

31. Take a Hot Bath or Shower

Relax from your head to your toes with a hot bath or shower. Or better yet, find a jacuzzi!

32. Practice Gratitude

Close your eyes & think of 5 things that you are grateful for in the moment. It’s such a simple way to support well-being and can be done anywhere, anytime.

33. Listen to Music

Music is a fantastic science-backed way to reduce anxiety. So, why not listen to music…live or recorded, whichever moves you! 🎶

34. Watch the World Go By

Just sit & people watch. This will take you right out of your worries & help you to be present in the moment.

And, well…it might bring you some smiles & laughs too!

35. Bring a Relaxed Mindset

Be adaptable to what each day brings on vacation.

Practice fostering a mindset that is flexible in what the day brings, so you can really relax and keep the stress at bay.

Taking Relaxation on The Road

In the end, the right balance is to plan ahead, pick the right spot, and bring a relaxed mindset with you.

A great way to start your planning is by asking yourself some wellness questions.

Just a small block of time beforehand, will greatly improve the chances of your trip meeting your needs & expectations.

That’s time well spent, don’t you think?

Tell me, which of these relaxing vacation activities will you take on your next adventure?

Whichever it is, I hope you joyously engross in some much needed relaxation soon.

Life is too short not to be good to ourselves & make time to live our travel dreams.

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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