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Wellness resources to enhance your health & well-being and help make travel richer, smoother & less stressful.

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There were too many long days of little energy & even less calm. Until I started on a path to better well-being...

...through travel, photography, & better self-care.

So, how did I reclaim my life to find the energy, balance & calm to thrive?
By intentionally putting my health & well-being first. And by building a life focused on the things I'm passionate about.

For me, that's helping others obtain well-being, photography, travel, & creating plenty of space to enjoy the small moments with friends & family. It's not always easy, but the journey has been worth the effort. I'm honored to be able to share resources that promote well-being in this space.

- mariana olszewski

“Act as a master of your life by putting your health, well-being and happiness first .”


the need to rejuvenate...

To stop and recharge the batteries. To replenish your energy, calm your mind, and nourish your soul.

the pull to escape from daily life...

And disconnect for a bit. To get off the digital devices and live. To give your mind some space to create, think, and reflect.

the itch to mindfully explore...

To slow down the pace for a while. To take it all in... the beauty, the hidden corners, and the awe-inspiring natural world.

This space is for you...

you'll find Resources focused on...

travel planning

Ideas & strategies  to help you plan wellness infused travels and practice self-care on the road.


Tips, tools, & resources to help you travel in ways that are mindful & intentional.


Resources that promote a mindful approach to engaging with photography.

a magical moment 
in florence

Mindful Travel Articles

Immerse, savor, & be present during your travels with these ideas & resources. 

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- Deanna

“I believe in the life well lived and well traveled.”