Seceda: A Dolomite Hike With Awe-Inspiring Views

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There are beautiful Dolomite views and then there are jaw-dropping views. A Seceda hike falls squarely into the later. At 2500 meters, this ridge line provides one of the most iconic views in the Dolomites.

Jagged peaks and endless drop-offs are not uncommon in The Dolomites, yet the Seceda ridgeline is something quite special. That’s because experiencing Seceda isn’t just about the grand view in front of you, but equally about how it makes you feel.

Come and experience a Seceda hike. You’ll be inspired, promise!

Welcome to Seceda

Located in the northwest Dolomites, the Seceda mountain stands tall over Val Gardena and the villages of Ortisei, St. Christina, and Selva.

Part of The Odle Mountain range, it lies within the Puez Odle Nature Park, which is known for its diverse and rocky landscape.

In the heart of the autonomous region of South Tyrol, it’s a unique place where the alpine spirit meets Italy.

It’s also a paradise for outdoor lovers and the home of iconic hikes like The Adolf Munkel Trail and The Lago Di Braies loop.

Seceda: A Dolomite Hike with Awe-Inspiring Views

Hiking is one of my regular ways to stay in shape, and The Dolomites are one of my top places to hike (the other is Cornwall coast in England).

This is a favorite hike of mine and worthy of your bucket list.

Whether you explore for 15 minutes & enjoy lunch or spend the entire day, a Seceda hike is worth the trip.

You’ll feel alive!

How to Get to Seceda

An ideal starting point for hiking Seceda is the charming resort town of Ortisei (St. Ulrich).

From here, you can catch the most direct route to the mountain, the Seceda cable car. It’s a short walk from the town center and there’s also paid parking at the station if you arrive by car.

Seceda: A Dolomite Hike with Awe-Inspiring Views

Alternatively, the Col Raiser cable car will take you partway up the mountain from the village of Selva. However, with this route, you still have a 2-hour hike uphill to the Seceda ridgeline.

A worthy addition to any hike is spending the night at one of the rifugios on Seceda mountain.

Being able to catch the magical sunrise will add awe to your day! But sadly, the first gondola up the mountain at 8:30 doesn’t arrive in time for sunrise. So, you have to spend the night to catch that magic.

Where To Stay to Hike Seceda

My preferred base for visiting Seceda is Ortesei. It’s location also makes it an ideal base for a larger Dolomite itinerary.

Here’s what I love about it…

First, it’s a charming town with a beautiful pedestrian only zone that’s full of artisan shops and outdoor cafes.

Second, it’s home to the Adler Spa Resort Dolomiti. You don’t need to look any further if you are seeking out wellness travel, I promise!

Ortisei Italy

If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, another centrally located property with spa access is B & B Villa Angelino. Be sure to request a room on the third floor for a birds-eye balcony view of the mountains!

The last reason I prefer Ortisei is that there’s a cablecar to Alpe di Siusi, the largest alpine plateau in Europe. It’s truly one of my favorite places to spend time in Italy.

Alpe di Siusi is a wellness playground and nothing short of otherworldly.

Here you’ll find miles of hiking trails for every level and yet another Adler resort, The Adler Lodge Alpe.

A wellness weekend in an alpine meadow is the ultimate in self-care!

Hiking Seceda

At the cable car station in Ortisei, be sure to purchase the round-trip ticket all the way to the top of Seceda. Halfway up the mountain, you will switch cars at the Furnes station.

Since cable car service is seasonal, be sure to check the schedule when planning your itinerary. The first car up is 8:30.

Once you get to Seceda, there are a number of paths you can take to explore.

This particular hike is a 9 km circular loop hike from the Seceda station to Regensburger Hutte and back.

Technically it’s an easy hike, but the later part uphill. So be prepared for some leg burn with the elevation change.

The Panoramic Outlook

Exit the station and turn left on to trail #1. Walk up the hill towards the lookout.

This panoramic point has a unique circular walk-in iron ring that identifies every mountain range within the 360-degree view.

Panoramic Point at Seceda Mountain

At 2500 meters, its the highest vantage point in Val Gardena. From the summit, you can view the nearby Dolomites as well as the mountains in Austria.

Prepare to feel energized!

Standing in the mountain wind and taking in the stunning views is memorable. It’s exactly why we come to the mountains, to feel refreshed!

Next, head east towards the ridgeline.

The Seceda Ridgeline

Extending in front of you, the peaks are jaw-dropping beauty.

The feeling of standing at the end of this dramatic ridgeline, is one of awe. No photo will ever compare to the experience.

The first time I saw this view, was one of my most awe-inspired travel moments.

Seceda Hiking Trail

This is the best place to capture photos of the ridgeline. So linger here and be inspired. It’s one heck of a mindful travel moment!

As you make your way along the ridgeline, be sure to follow the paths up to the craggy cliffs.

It’s a bit more leg work, but it’s absolutely worth it for the view and the feeling of wonder the accompanies looking down into the vast valley.

From here, you will take the trail 2B towards Pierlongia.

But first, a coffee pitstop!

Baita Troier Hutte

If you are in need of refreshment, just a few minutes hike down the hill is Baita Troier Hutte.

It’s perfect for a midmorning break of freshly made yogurt with berries or local apple juice, both foods you’ll want to try in South Tyrol.

Seceda: A Dolomite Hike with Awe-Inspiring Views

Here you’ll find outside tables & chairs with a commanding view of the Sassolungo and Sassopiatto peaks in the distance.

It’s an ideal place to relax & unwind.

I happen to be a big proponent of seeking out a scenic place to enjoy my morning coffee as it’s an easy way to make any day more positive.

Seceda: A Dolomite Hike with Awe-Inspiring Views

In addition, there are some very cool resident llamas.

They’ll watch you walk down to the hut with a curiosity that’ll make you smile.


As you meander this part of the trail, the landscape becomes more rugged.

This area, known as Pieralongia, is marked by twin spires that push up through the ground as if from nowhere.

Piealongia Rocks on Seceda Hike

To get a sense of the size of these mammoth rocks, look for the wooden swingset at the bottom middle of the photo.

That’s a play area next to Malga Pieralongia, a tiny hut perfect for a beverage or light snack break.

They have resident donkeys, too. Just look at those adorable ears!

Seceda: A Dolomite Hike with Awe-Inspiring Views

Further on, you might just find mountain goats sunbathing!

Mountain Goat in South Tyrol

From here, the trail winds down the valley and across the meadow. It’s about an hour hike down to Regensburger Hutte.

Regensburger Hutte

Also known as Rifugio Firenze in Italian, you can see why people stop to eat here. It’s Italian dining at it’s best, good food with a scenic view.

Influenced by the land, the people, and the seasons, it’s authentic eating.

Rifugio Firenze

You can’t go wrong with fueling up with a dish of mushrooms & polenta or a mixed plate of speck and local cheeses.

As you begin the ascent back up the valley, you’ll likely encounter some cows. No Seceda hike would be complete without them!

Lazily passing their days away, clanging their bells, and looking at the beautiful view. What an idyllic place to graze!

Cows in South Tyrol

While Val Gardena is a paradise year-round, I prefer this hike in June-July when the alpine flowers carpet the meadow.

Seceda: A Dolomite Hike with Awe-Inspiring Views

The hike back up the valley provides plenty of sweeping landscapes. Don’t forget to stop and take in the view. And get a photo or two, or ten!

View from Seceda Mountain

There’s no doubt about it, Seceda is good for the mind & body and will feed your well-being & inspiration meter for months to come.

If South Tyrol is on your mind, you may be interested in hiking Bullaccia on the other side of the valley. It’s an easy hike with show-stopping views, and lots of them!

And don’t miss 12 Essential Travel Tips For Visiting The Dolomites.

until the next time…
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Seceda: An Awe-Inspiring Dolomite Hike

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