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Welcome to the ultimate self-care travel guide, designed to help you to better nourish your mind & body on the road. It's full of actionable ideas and will help you plan anything from day trips to weekend getaways, & beyond.

It's a self-care guide for the modern traveler.

There's a reason self-care is growing, we all need it.

Modern life is busy.

Schedules are jam packed and the constant buzz of your phone can be draining. With daily obligations and commitments, it can be easy to lose sight of well-being, whether you are at home or traveling.

Yet as we all know, taking time to care for ourselves makes a world of difference. Nourishing the mind, body, & soul builds energy and helps us to thrive. It helps us to live our best lives.

Not only is self-care something we can practice during travel to enrich our health, well-being, and experiences...but I believe travel itself is a wonderful form of self-care. Don't you agree?

Ready to live & travel well?
Dive into this self-care travel guide & get inspired!


Build your toolkit to manage stress and promote mental well-being.


Make sure your body is well nourished.


Deepen your connections with
yourself & your higher power.

Travel is an ideal time...

Travel provides an ideal opportunity to infuse activities that support & recharge the mind & body. It's a break from the every day.

To prioritize self-care...

Having a few practices, routines & rituals will give you increased energy as well as make the experience more enjoyable, connective & transformative.

If you're not sure how...

The key to self-care is actually quite simple, taking small actionable steps throughout the day.

why we need it...

The Benefits of Self-Care

There are endless benefits of self-care. First & foremost, it keeps you healthy.

Second, self-care can improve your energy. Which is something we all want more of in life.

It can also improve your mood & reduce stress! Which is a win win.

What I love most, is that practicing self-care gives you a break to clear your head.

ANd of course, self-care helps you relax, reboot & recharge. So you can fully engaGE WITH LIFE!

things to consider
When you

Build a Self-Care Plan

think about small things you can do, then spread them throughout the day.

Plan Ahead of time. Write down your goals, set alerts & mark the calendar.

Have a quick go-to activity for when you are feeling stressed.

Prioritize! Decide what really matters for your trip.

Be Flexible. If your needs change, scale back or make adjustments.

Work In Exercise

  • Take a mindful photo walk 
  • Plan an outdoor pursuit
  • Climb to a bird's-eye view
  • Stretch before bed

Sleep Well

  • Pack headphones & earplugs to manage distractions 
  • Pack a pillow & wrap for long haul flights
  • Take a hot bath or shower before bed
  • Fall asleep to relaxing music or nature sounds

good for the
Mind & body...

Eat Healthy

  • Eat lots of fruits & veggies
  • Enjoy local food- it's fresh, seasonal & yummy
  • Eat mindfully- tune into sight, smell, taste & texture
  • Strategically splurge

If you are looking for more movement ideas, read 12 Ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling.

And if you like hikes, check out The Blog .

Recharge your energy with nourishing food.

One of the more meaningful aspects of travel is the opportunity to connect with others. It's an engaging way of learning about the world and it's supports well-being. 

You meet all kinds of people when you travel; locals, other travelers, workers. Personally, I've had some memorable conversations in the back of a black cab traveling across London. Or while stopping to take in the beautiful views while hiking The Dolomites.

Chatting a fun way to see what it's like to live in another person's shoes. You can see the world through their eyes,  which develops empathy and understanding & builds collective bonds.

Meet & Connect With Others

Create Calm

  • Plan ahead of time & make lists
  • Build-in added time around transportation
  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Do yoga (somewhere beautiful if you can)

Detox From Your Device

  • Start your morning tech-free
  • Have a "no phone" zone
  • Leave the tablets/laptops at home
  • Turn your phone off & explore for a while

just think... this could be you!

Connect With Nature

Give you mind some space to breathe.

  • Have lunch or a picnic in the park
  • Take a hike
  • Go on a boat ride
  • Visit a historical site with a garden

Take a break from the digital world, you'll feel so much better.

Plan to minimize stress & take time to cultivate a sense of peace, it's worth it!

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Be Mindful

  • Pause
  • Slow Down
  • Close Your Eyes
  • Really Listen

Practicing Mindfulness is a simple way to enhance your experiences and foster well-being. 

Treat Yourself

  • Indulge in a fine dining experience
  • Buy a locally made souvenir
  • Have a drink with a view, even if it's expensive
  • Give yourself time to do nothing

Go on, make some memories!

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Get Out of Your
Comfort Zone

There's no doubt about it, travel can push us out of our comfort zones. It's ripe with opportunities to build our confidence and become more aware.

Really, what better way is there to learn and grow than taking a break from your daily routine and trying something new, different, or challenging.

It's how we really learn about ourselves. And that's a gift!

Make a Self-Care Checklist

Making a checklist is a simple way to plan with intent.

We all travel for different reasons, so a checklist is a tool to help personalize our adventures.

Start by thinking about these three things:

  1. Your current health needs.
  2. How you want to feel on your trip.
  3. What items would bring you comfort.

Next, consider any daily items you use to take care of your health & well-being.

Then craft a list to meet your needs.

get inspired...

Self-Care Quotes

“Self-care is how you take your power back.” -Lalah Delia

“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.”
-Steve Marabol

An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows it to shine vibrantly, lighting the way for others.


I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.

Explore how to transform your health & well-being...

Use this simple (and free) Wellness Travel Planner to plan your next trip. Because you deserve to thrive!

 through travel.


Self-care is a way of life.

It's about tuning into your body & taking the time to nourish it properly. It's about inching closer and closer to a life of energy & joy. And that's a life worth living! 

Happy & healthy travels wherever you may roam.