12 Simple Tips for​ Healthier Travels

Get back to the basics of well-being with these simple tips for healthier travels!

We all work hard for our annual vacations, weekend getaways, and day trips.

So naturally, we want to make the most of our well-earned time away.

We want to feel good & fully engage in our experiences! And that all starts with good health & well-being.

You know…having the energy, focus, and sanity to embrace the day. To enjoy, laugh, learn & be present in the moment.

If healthy, sane, & well-balanced travel is what you crave..you’re going to love these ideas.

Certainly, you have great memories of vacations when you were happy, felt well & were full of energy.

Probably those too when you were sick, stressed, or too exhausted to really enjoy traveling. No one prefers the latter.

Simple Tips for Healthier Travels

So, what’s the secret to staying healthy during travel?

The truth is, the answer is rooted in a simple approach. One that’s not complicated nor expensive and does not involve the latest fad or miracle product.

It’s about being engaged & incorporating small steps of healthy living into your daily routine.

Traveling With Wellness In Mind

I’m a big advocate of wellness travel or traveling with thought and attention to well-being.

In today’s hectic world, that’s something that can benefit everyone!

Taking time to plan wellness travel and practice healthy mind & body travel tips supports well-being and makes travel all the richer!

Along with planning tech-free travels, these are really go-to tools for healthy living.

Self-Care = Healthier Travels

Over the years, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to practice managing my health on the road.

Sometimes my self-care is better than others, but it’s always a priority.

On one hand, there have been challenging & transformational hiking experiences and fun high-paced family vacations.

As well as, I’ve found myself traveling post-surgery, with chronic pain, and while managing grief. 😔

Simple Tips For Healthier Travels

One of my biggest takeaways has been that it’s absolutely worth it to make time for healthy habits during travel.

Taking time to practice self-care makes a big difference in energy, balance, & well-being.

It matters. Both in the present moment and for our future growth.

Simple Tips For Healthier Travels

Here are 12 simple tips for healthier travels.

These habits will help you to keep illness at bay, increase your energy, and find calm on the road.

These may not be new ideas. But, they are small actions that can have a big impact on your health & well-being.

In today’s world, they are definitely worth the reminder.

As it’s easy to forget how effective they can be when the demands of life often get the better of us!

1. Hydrate

Think water first.

Plane travel, weather changes & plenty of walking make hydrating before, during & after travel essential.

Coconut water, smoothies, and fruit are great options for rehydrating on the road. Since dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger, be sure to drink regularly throughout the day.

A sustainable choice is to pack a refillable water bottle. The Tap Collapsible Water Bottle is ideal for travel, as it collapses flat when not in use and has a carabiner to easily attach to the outside of any bag (which is perfect for hikes).

2. Wash Your Hands 

Easy & effective!

According to the CDC, hand washing is the single most important way of preventing the spread of infections.

Since we all know that planes, trains, and travel, in general, increases our contact with germs…this is a no brainer!

Washing hands with soap and water one is the most effective way to kill germs. However, if soap and water aren’t handy, try an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.  

If you are searching for a super-compact travel option, try EO .33 fl Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray. It’s about the size of chapstick and will fit in any pocket.

3. Protect Your Skin

Because sunburn is no fun...

Sunscreen anyone?

It seems like common sense to pack sunscreen for summer weather, or even for a day on the slopes. But like me, I am sure that on more than one occasion you too have been caught out & about without sunscreen!

One thing that has helped me better keep this habit over the years, is the move to smaller size containers. Thank you chapstick size SPF! I will also pack a bug balm if needed because insect bites are no fun either.

4. Dress For Comfort 

Life is too short to be uncomfortable!

From the plane ride to your destination adventures, what you pack can make all the difference in your comfort level during travel.

Really, nobody wants to be on vacation and get distracted by ill-fitting clothing. Be too hot or cold. Or even worse, get blisters from the wrong shoes!

Pack loose, breathable and comfortable layers that make it easy to move. Take shoes that will go the distance with your travel plans and don’t forget a good scarf.

Which will keep you warm during transit and come in handy if you need cover for a religious site.

Simple Tips For Healthier Travels

5. Eat Breakfast

You’ve heard this one before, breakfast is important!

Start your day energized so you can go the distance with your travel adventures.

Find a local place where you can grab a healthy breakfast and enjoy the atmosphere. Or pack a healthy breakfast and head to a local spot of beauty.

And make it even more mindful by going tech-free!

6. Carry Healthy Snacks 

Because it’s no fun to find yourself on the road with no food!

Pack high fiber and/or protein snacks to help keep your energy level even throughout the day. And avoid the crankiness that comes with being hangry.

Nuts, seeds, and fruit are all convenient snacks. For something more substantial, pack a high-quality protein bar like Rx Protein Bar.

7. Walk The Sights

Walk. Here, there, everywhere!

Waking is an easy and convenient way to see the world and it’s also a great way to stay in shape.

It’s also an ideal way to mindful & slow travel. To take your time and absorb your destination, up close & personal.

You can explore like a local, wander off the beaten path and find new experiences.

Here are a few ideas:

8. Move Daily

So many opportunities, so little time!

No matter where in the world you find yourself, there will be plenty of opportunities to move.

To keep your mind and body happy!

Try hiking, dancing, yoga, an outdoor pursuit, or find a local fitness class. Whatever and wherever just get yourself moving!

A few of my favorite adventures have been Kayaking The Cornwall Coast, Hiking in The Dolomites, and Sunday Morning Yoga in Hyde Park.

All beautiful & meaningful experiences that still bring a smile to my face. 😊

Simple Tips For Healthier Travels

9. Get Your Sleep

Although it may be tempting, don’t skimp on sleep!

The importance of getting enough sleep can’t be overstated.

Yet it’s easy when traveling to get less sleep. You know, getting up early & staying out late just try and maximize the time away.

Be sure to get adequate sleep, as well as, add in a few minutes of relaxation before bedtime to improve your sleep. Something easy, like a hot shower or stretching.

Also, remind yourself to avoid phone use before bed since the light interferes with sleep.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to digitally detox on your next trip, read Digital Detox Travel Tips.

10. Breathe

Breathing…anytime, anywhere for more calm & sanity!

Breathing in a great tool for well-being every day of the year, and it can make any travel day better.

Research shows that the simple act of breathing can change our mind & body, for the better.

That’s because breathing helps you get more oxygen (energy), connect your mind & body, and promote feelings of calm that help keep stress at bay. The perfect trifecta in any traveler’s book. Right?!

Not sure where to start, keep it simple with 3 deep breaths. It’s one of the simplest ways to relax & unwind.

11. Pace Yourself

Don’t try to pack a 14-day trip into a 10-day itinerary!

It can be hard to resist the lure of packing too much into one trip.

After all, we travel to experience new things. But, there’s no point in rushing around, creating more stress and then not enjoying yourself.

Avoid over-scheduling by working some R & R time into the agenda and leaving some blocks of time to wander & get lost!

Go off the beaten path and stop somewhere unexpected, like a tiny mountain hamlet or a local farmers market.

12. Research Before You Go

Yep, research! Here’s why.

There are many reasons to do research before you hit the road.

It will help you to prepare, better understand your destination, and make more informed decisions after you arrive.

And perhaps the most important thing is that planning ahead helps to reduce the situational stress that comes with travel.

After all, most of us travel to leave our worries behind, not add to them!

I hope these small steps make your tomorrow bigger, better & more balanced. Now go plan that next trip!

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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Simple Tips For Healthier Travels

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