Crocuses & Snow: A South Tyrol Photo Hike

Crocuses & Snow: A South Tyrol Photo HIke

If you love awe-inspiring nature, dive into this South Tyrol photo hike through the alpine plateau of Alpe di Siusi.

The Dolomites are a one of a kind place to experience. Invigorating and connective, they’re inspirational if you love thee outdoors and photography.

There’s great freedom in throwing the camera in the backpack and setting out to explore nature.

After all, the anticipation of how the day will unfold is one of the reasons we all love to travel.

A South Tyrol Photo Hike

Photography in The Dolomites

The Dolomites are a playground for photography.

Whether you come to explore small villages, hike to birds eye views, or meander with an epic road trip.

If you’ve been here before, you know that The Dolomites are the playground at my doorstep.

Blessed to call The NE region of Friuli home, I take every opportunity possible to get out and explore local life and hike.

Cows Grazing in South Tyrol Dolomites

People often ask about The Dolomites, so I wanted to share another snapshot of The South Tyrol region from a recent wellness inspired weekend getaway with friends.

So, if your curious to wander The Dolomites in-between seasons, keep scrolling for this South Tyrol photo hike.

Exploring Well-Being in The Dolomites

Photography and hiking are two wonderful tools to enhance well-being and ones that I certainly happen to love.

South Tyrol Photo Hike in Seiser Alm

They are both a part of my self-care routine, especially when I travel. In fact, practicing mindful photography is one of my favorite activities because I get to do something I love with thoughtful intention.

Photography allows me to find flow and hiking is great for both the mind & body.

When you add in the awe-inspiring element of nature, it’s the perfect trifecta to cultivate well-being.

Exploring South Tyrol

South Tyrol, also known as Alto Adige, is a province in NE Italy that includes part of The UNESCO Dolomites mountain range.

South Tyrol Photo Hike

It’s a unique place that brims with authentic charm. And in May, crocuses and snow…co-existing together!

With three official langauges and over 40 dialects, it’s a melting pot of customs & traditions in the heart of The Alps.

In addition, it’s home to the largest alpine meadowland in Europe, Alpe di Siusi. Which is a hidden gem and an engaging place to explore.

Hiking Alpe di Siusi

There are over 1,000 trails on the alpine plateau of Alpe di Siusi, so there is something for everyone.

Unless you are staying up on the plateau, you arrive at 1800 meters of meadowland by cable care from Siusi or Ortesei.

This hike started at the settlement of Compaccio (Compatsch), which is the arrival point of The Seiser Alm Cablecar from Suisi.

From Compaccio, we followed trail 6B and meandered up the mountain.

South Tyrol Photo Hunt

The Dolomites are full of whimsical details.

A South Tyrol Photo Hike in Alpe di Siusi

It’s fun knowing you’ll always find the unexpected, like a weather station or a carved fence.

A South Tyrol Photo Hike in Alpe di Siusi

It’s also cool to find local products sold with honor boxes.

South Tyrol Photo Hike

I’ve seen this in The Cotswolds and Cornwall too. It’s awesome that the honor system still works.

South Tyrol Photo Hike

The Dolomites are known for their wood accents, even along the trails. Carved wood is a hallmark trait of the mountains, giving it a distinctive feel.

South Tyrol Photo Hike

Up here the air is fresh and the views are stunning at every turn. It feels light to be fully present and step into a whole new world of well-being.

A South Tyrol Photo Hike in Alpe di Siusi

Since the trails Alpe di are well marked, it’s easy to leisurely wander.

There are so many choices that you can plan your day ahead of time or adjust and change routes as your go.

Since it was a cold spring, there was still plenty of snow at high altitudes. Making for a beautiful and unique experience.

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South Tyrol Photo Hike

Many people flock to The Dolomites during the high summer and winter seasons, and with good reason.

The weather is ideal for outdoor pursuits.

Yet, if you want to save money in the off season and share the experience with less tourists, the spring and fall are equally lovely times to visit.

In addition, The Dolomites are an ideal addition to an Italy travel itinerary of you want to digitally detox and explore nature. Or even take a quick day trip from Venice or Verona.

I hope this South Tyrol photo hike has inspired your inner explorer, happy trails!

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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South Tyrol Photo Hike

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