T & I Travel Guides

Beautifully curated wellness travel guides.
With been there, done that favorites that inspire well-being.

Mindful travel guides to help you plan engaging travels that enrich the
mind, body & spirit.

These guides include experiences to recenter, rejuvenate, and transform your health & well-being. 

In particular, the  destination wellness travel guide series includes ideas on walks, active adventures, nature outings, quiet places, mindful spaces, healthy food, and some learning & discovery. 
As well as a few restful hotels & blissful spas to seal the deal!

wellness travel
will bring...

calm that comes from R & R...

joy that comes from chasing your dreams...

excitement that comes from new adventures...

energy & vitality from rejuvenating activities...

The T & I Approach to Travel...


Exploring the world through the lens. Things like photo hikes & mindful photo walks.


Infusing travel with activities & experiences that benefit health & well-being.

the outdoors

Exploring the awe-inspiring beauty in the world. From local corners to iconic landscapes.

Wellness Travel Guide

A guide that will help you plan, personalize, & infuse wellness elements into your travel adventures. Whether you're planning a local day trip, weekend getaway, or vacation.


Mindful Photography Guide

Form a deeper relationship with the present and enhance your well-being, whether you're exploring outside your back door or traveling the world.

Tell me more!


It's never too late

& body


& chase your

beautiful travel


Digital Detox Travel Guide

All you need to know about disconnecting with your devices so you can better connect with other people, places, & yourself.

Be present & make the most of your travels.


Self-Care Travel Guide

A guide to help you to incorporate self-care on the road. It's full of actionable strategies & ideas for any length trip. From day trips to weekend getaways, and beyond.


Friuli Travel Guide

Venture off the beaten path. This region in the NE corner of Italy is for those seeking local & authentic flare. It's my home, so you get an inside look!

I'm curious!

Italy Travel Guide

All of the basics you need to know to make the best of your trip to Bella Italia. And valuable insights from someone who lives here, me!

My dream trip!

Bath Wellness Travel Guide

Thermal waters and the rolling countryside make Bath one of the best wellness destinations in England.

Take me there!

London Wellness Travel Guide

Find inspiration, energy & a little wellness (of course) as you explore one of the most vibrant cities in the world!

london baby!

Cornwall Wellness Travel Guide

If you love nature as a way to rejuvenate, then Cornwall is for you. Miles of coast make this one great place to restore the mind, body, & soul!

Yes, coastal bliss!

Edinburgh Wellness Travel Guide

Endless walks, inspirational views & vibrant cultural experiences await you in the historic capital of Scotland!

Yes to bagpipes !

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