7 Surprising Ways to Deal with Travel Loneliness

Use these creative strategies to deal with travel loneliness the next time it arises.  

Loneliness, we all experience it now and again.

Even when we are in the midst of doing something we love, like travel. 

As much as we’d like to avoid the negative, it’s important to remember that feelings, both good and bad, are part of being human. 

That’s why it’s important to have some creative tools in our lives to fend off loneliness and protect our mental and physical health. 

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Well-Being & Travel Loneliness

Since T & I is a space dedicated to health & well-being, it seemed time to talk about a more challenging side of travel, loneliness.

After all, travel isn’t always about being happy & having the time of your life.

Sometimes it’s about feeling sad, blue, and even lonely.

Since talking about the both positive and negatives of life adds to our toolkit, it’s a natural step in deepening our self-care practices.

7 Ways to Make Peace with Travel Loneliness

To add to your wellness travel toolkit, here are 7 creative and perhaps, surprising ways to manage travel loneliness.

You’re certain to find something to love these gems, many of which are science backed ways to improve well-being.

Take them with you for the days you need a little pick-me-up.

Still Your Mind & Body and Listen

First things first, tend to your basic needs by acknowledging your emotions.

This part can be easiest to bypass, as it’s natural to want to avoid the negative.

But, when we try to get rid of our emotions or ignore them, we miss out on their messages. As well as, in the long run, it can make things worse.

7 Surprising Ways to Deal with Travel Loneliness

When we sit with our emotions in acceptance, we begin to tune into the meaning, and it can help us to heal.

It can be helpful to find a quiet spot, close your eyes and tune into how the feelings show up in your body. Acknowledge how you feel and listen to what message might be there.

This small practice just might shift you into a better state of well-being

Cultivate a Sense of Awe

Awe, like when we witness a majestic mountain, makes time seem like it’s standing still.

Which helps us be more open to connecting.

Something about feeling small in the context of a big world appears to help us see ourselves as part of a whole, which may help us feel less alone

7 Surprising Ways to Deal with Travel Loneliness

So expose yourself to something that creates awe.

Why not:

  • get out & admire the landscape
  • be awed by architecture
  • enjoy a brand new experience

View Life Through the Lens of Photography

These days, just about all of us travel with a phone and/or camera. Making this a convenient way to mange travel loneliness.

The simple act of creating photos, is a fun way to re-engage with your surroundings.

It can be helpful to do with an approach that allows you be more present in the moment. So, try your hand at a mindful photo walk or take a wander and capture 10 things that are meaningful to you.

7 Surprising Ways to Deal with Travel Loneliness

If I had to pick my top tip for overcoming travel loneliness, this would be it. Because it combines multiple things that support well-being.

Photography gets me out of my own head and into the moment, it’s a passion (hello flow) and it gets me moving. It’s the perfect trifecta!

Shift Your Focus to Giving

It’s almost inevitable in our modern technology-crazed world that we start to believe we don’t have enough. As a result, we become increasingly focused on how things may not be measuring up. 

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, shift your focus to what you can give

By giving to others, you take the focus off yourself and do good at the same time, helping you to feel more connected and less lonely. 

We each have time, energy and resources that can be shared with others. Listen to you inner voice and see where it takes you.

Get Out of Your Head & Get Moving

It can be easy to repeatedly think about and overanalyze why we feeling so alone. 

We ruminate, because we mistakenly believe that thinking about our loneliness over and over again will help us solve it.

Unfortunately, it does us no good to get caught up in these thoughts instead of taking the actions we need to feel better.

7 Surprising Ways to Deal with Travel Loneliness

To put an end to these negative thought cycles, we need to take action. We need to do something different that stops these thoughts and changes our experience of the world.

So, get out and move. Walk, bike, kayak. Give your brain something else to focus on.

After all, if your brain is occupied taking in the wonder of the world around you, it will be too busy to ruminate!

Pay Attention to The Present

Mindfully paying attention to present moment can be a helpful way of dealing with loneliness.

When you become more engaged with what is around you will feel more connected.

So, whether you are going about everyday activities like your morning routine or you’re on a tour seeing new sights, engaging with the activities on front of you can help to deepen your experience.

7 Surprising Ways to Deal with Travel Loneliness

Here’s an easy tip, start with asking yourself what activities you could work into the day that would make you feel more connected. Then add at least one to every day.

Spark a Conversation

Sometimes we just end up feeling alone, even though we are connected to lots of people.

In addition, being in new places, especially if we’re alone can heighten the feeling.

Talking to others can recharge the drain that sometimes comes when we feel lonely and disconnected, so it can be helpful to reach out.

7 Surprising Ways to Deal with Travel Loneliness

So, try stepping out of your comfort zone to feel more connected to others. Introduce yourself, say hello or ask a local where you should spend the day.

Then listen.

One doors opens the next and you never know where the conversation goes.

If you’re anything like yours truly, you might just make a lifelong friend. 

PS. Be Kind to Yourself

In difficult moments, it’s essential to practice self-kindness. Blaming ourselves when we feel lonely is not helpful.

So limit your hurtful self-talk, take care of yourself, and just generally give yourself a break. 

Instead, try talking to yourself in a way that is supportive, kind, and caring. Give yourself the same encouragement you’d give a friend!

Just remember, loneliness too shall pass. It’s a part of the highs and lows in life.

The important thing is to lean into your self-care practices, so you can manage the loneliness when it appears.

And know, there are always sunrises waiting on your travel horizon.

until the next time…
live well – travel well – be well

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