Travel Makes You a Better Person: Here’s Why!

Inspiring Ways Travel Makes You a Better Person

To those of us who love to travel, it comes as no surprise that travel makes you a better person. In fact, it might just make you the best version of yourself.

Want to know more? Here are the inspirational reasons why!

Those of us who explore have long felt the benefits of travel.

Deep down, most of us probably already know that somehow travel changes us.

But as it turns out, it also changes the neural pathways in our brain, making us better people too.

10 Ways Travel Makes You a Better Person

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Travel Has Never Been More Accessible

People love to travel. It’s exciting, inspiring and fun!

For many of us, it’s a welcome opportunity to escape daily life and experience freedom.

Everyone has their own reasons for traveling, but in the end we all want to see the world & live the dream. And it’s estimated that over a billion people travel abroad every year.

So, clearly…there’s something special about travel!

Laguna Beach

In recent years, researchers have begun examining more closely what many of us have already learned: that travel enhances health & well-being. Because done right, travel can help to rewire your brain.

Maybe not every trip is transformative in and of itself.

But, the process is and the magic really happens when we intentionally plan and travel in ways that help us find meaning, wellness & purpose.

Simply put…

Travel is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.
In your health, well-being & self-development.


Travel as a Way to Well-Being

One of our core tenants here at T & I, is that travel is a way to better well-being.

And let’s face it, anything that improves your well-being, is bound to make you a better version of yourself!

Travel is an invitation to consider the world.

With intentional energy and commitment, we can travel in ways that enrich and even transform our health & well-being for the better.

Making both ourselves and the world a better place.

10 Inspiring Ways Travel Makes You a Better Person

Travel can be a fundamental part of anyone’s self-care toolkit. As it helps us to take risks, learn & grow.

Personally, it’s something I lean into regularly to both maintain & enhance my well-being.

Day trips and weekend getaways around Italy are my go-to’s for managing stress.

Even better, nature focused travel in Cornwall & The Dolomites has helped me heal grief. I can’t say enough about it, travel has been a game changer!

So, if you’re ready to get on the travel train and find out how it can improve your life, read on.

10 Ways Travel Makes You a Better Person

Travel impacts our lives in so many positive ways.

The beauty of travel is that we each have our own stories about moments and adventures that have changed our lives. Really, if you want to kick start a conversation, ask people about their travels!

While each of our experiences are different, we are all linked by the universal ways that travel impacts us. Here are a few of the best.

Travel Improves Health & Well-Being

Traveling makes you stronger, mentally and physically.

Research shows that travel can help to reduce stress, depression, high blood pressure and even the occurrence of heart attacks.

Even more interesting, longitudinal research from The University of Helsinki has shown that those who take vacations live longer.

10 Inspiring Ways Travel Makes You a Better Person

Maybe if I travel more, I can live forever! 😉

But seriously, when the mind & body are balanced, you are are more energetic, productive & happy. Making life better, both at home and on the road.

Travel Increases Self-Awareness

Traveling can teach you things about yourself that you might not have otherwise known.

As it turns out, the cross-cultural experiences we’re exposed to during travel strengthen our sense of self.

Ring of Kerry Mindful Travel

When we open up to new people and places, we open up to ourselves. With that better self-awareness comes more proactive decision making, productivity & happiness.

When you’re more aware of your own values and make choices that align with those values, you feel more satisfaction.

Adventures Encourage Empathy

It’s a lot easier to feel with other people if we experience the world with them.

Travel creates conditions that allow us to step into other peoples shoes.

If you’re open to it, empathy can crack open your sense of self and allow other people into your experiences too. Building connections that heal and change everyone.

Travel Builds Understanding

Travel changes the way we see things.

Almost by default, it teaches us how to open our minds and understand the world we live in.

10 Inspiring Ways Travel Makes You a Better Person

Travel challenges the assumptions and stereotypes that inform our view of the world.

That’s because when we spend time in unfamiliar environments, with people who have different beliefs and backgrounds, we’re stretching ourselves to think beyond the current possibilities.

It helps us to understand that there are many ways to live and be, and each person and culture shines in their own unique way.

Understanding others leads us to more tolerant and less judgmental ways of being in the world.

Leading to deeper appreciation and gratitude for the people & places we encounter.

Travel Makes You More Creative

Travel experiences can open our brains up to new ways of thinking.

Research shows that things like learning new languages, exploring interesting architecture, and trying new foods sew the seeds of creativity in the brain, by sparking different nerve cells.

But the key isn’t just the traveling, but lies with truly engaging and immersing in local cultures.

Anyone want to move to Rome for a year and learn how to make pasta?!?!

Adventures Pull You into The Present

When you travel more, you start living in the moment more.

You spend more time being present, and less time in your head. Opening yourself up to all of the wonders that are right in front of you.

Why Travel Makes You a Better Version of Yourself

Mindfulness is well recognized as a foundation of well-being.

By being present, travel teaches you that the best souvenirs are the moments you experience, that soon become cherished memories.

Travel Helps Build Trust

Travel is a powerful trust builder.

Studies at Columbia University show a robust relationship between foreign travel experiences and generalized trust.

Travel affirms & highlights lessons like:

  • we’re all connected, despite our differences
  • you learn to trust your instincts
  • it’s OK to ask for help when needed

Benefits of Travel

Given a certain lack of trust that is all too prevalent in the world, opportunities to build trust enhance our own well-being as well as that of our global community.

And that benefits everyone!

Trips Broaden Your Perspective

Travel changes your perspective in so many ways.

It opens your mind and kicks you out of your comfort zone. You realize how beautiful the world is and how lucky you are to experience it. As well as, diving into the unknown of foreign cultures exposes you to different ways of being.

One study even shows that students that were more engage with learning about new cultures had an easier time holding multiple viewpoints, making them smarter!

Travel Challenges You to Be Patient

Lost in translation.

Dodgy wifi.
No hot shower.
Cancelled flights.

For sure, travel gives your fresh challenges every single day. Providing you with valuable lessons in patience.

It reminds that you that sometimes you just have to embrace the unexpected when things don’t go as planned!

Adventures Connect You to People, Places & The Planet

At the end of the day, one of the most powerful reasons we travel is to connect. With people, places, nature and above all ourselves.


People make the places we visit come to life and nature reminds us to appreciate all that we have.

Those connections bring a fullness to our life and shape our stories.

It’s the foundation of why travel is meaningful and why so many of use keep coming back for more.

Travel is The “School of Life”

Travel is always an educational experience. Some lessons that you just can’t learn in school. Instead, they’re meant to be learned through experience.

With travel, the world is your classroom. You leave behind the familiar and lean into the new.

Your brain is stretched by wonder of the world.

Learning becomes engaging, meaningful and poignant.

Leaving you yearning for more.

In the end, travel is a powerful force for good.

It helps us discover the humanity in others and discover a better version of ourselves along the way.

And that’s a rare gift indeed!

Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and travel my friends!

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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