Tranquil Venice (Life After Lockdown In Photos)

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I had been patiently waiting for the travel restrictions to be lifted, so I could cross from Friuli (the region where I live) into the neighboring Veneto region.

And visit my much beloved Venice.

I happen to be one of those people who really loves Venice. A regular day trip for me, it’s one of my favorite places to spend time and do photography.

I love it because you can spend most of your time outside, yet take in some of the most phenomenal architecture in the world. Making it an ideal mix of self-care and travel.

It’s hard to even imagine life would be like in Venice after lockdown…

What would the city be like after months of inactivity? Would it feel like authentic Italy again? Would the canals be clear?

Could it really be that empty?

Venetian Lamps Over An Empty Grand Canal After Lockdown

In early June, just two days after the restrictions were lifted, a few friends and I went to find out.

It was my first weekend getaway in months, and it was like being a kid again. It was liberating to be that excited about travel!

Life in Venice After Lockdown

If you’ve been here before, you’ll know that I am a passionate advocate for travel as a way to better wellness.

Day trips, weekend getaways, and vacations all provide an ideal opportunity to enhance health & well-being. Making wellness travel for everyone, an engaging way to support the mind & body.

With so many resources at our finger tips these days, planning wellness infused travels has never been easier. And never more necessary, as we all try to find energy, balance, & sanity in a fast paced world.

Honestly, after enduring a lengthy lockdown in Italy, I was ready for a carefree weekend getaway. It would be a good chance to really relax.

A Tranquil Venetian Canal After Lockdown

My first impression was that it was eerily quiet.
Easy to mindfully take it all in.
And magical.

St. Mark’s Square

It’s shocking to arrive at St. Mark’s on a Friday and see only a handful of people. I wonder what the pigeons & seagulls think about having the place to themselves?

The most striking difference of the entire weekend was St. Mark’s Square. Normally bustling, it felt vacant…almost echoing. It was relaxing.

Who would’ve ever imagined this space could be so contemplative.

Venice After Lockdown

And it was easier to appreciate the ornate architecture with so few people around.

The Bridge of Sighs

Normally people flock to the famous Bridge of Sighs for selfies. Instead, the iconic landmark was empty & alone with her thoughts.

The Bridge of Sighs With No People After Lockdown

An Italian couple remarked that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a photo like this, and they’re probably right.

If you can get to Venice this year, do it! It’s doubtful there will ever be another opportunity quite like this.

The Rialto Bridge

Being at the Rialto Bridge was absolute serenity.

One of the stillest moments of the weekend was early saturday morning. On my way to a favorite coffee shop, I found myself stopping mid-stride to stare at the empty structure. And revel in the silence.

No chugging boats, no people, no pigeons.

It was surreal, yet peaceful.

The Rialto Bridge After Lockdown With No Tourists

Tucked alongside the Grand Canal, this spot is usually filled to the brim with cafe chairs and people enjoying their aperitivi and cicchetti with a view. But, not today.

An Empty Outdoor Venetian Cafe

And the colorful reflection in this window would normally be impossible to capture…way too many people. It’s a mindful opportunity that would have otherwise slipped by.

Reflection Of The Grand Canal In A Store Window

Saturday evening the bridge got busy with people lazily watching the sun changing the colors of the sky. Yet, with only about 25 people on the bridge, it was a memorable experience.

View Of The Grand Canal After Lockdown

Yet, instead of it seeming like a competition for the perfect photo, there was a sense of connection as people were happily conversing & enjoying the moment. It’s an experience I will never forget.


Saturday morning I explored the Canareggio district.

Full of locals and great restaurants, it’s an ideal place to get lost. Here you find a more relaxed side of the city, even when Venice is busy.

Locals were going about their morning routine. Drinking coffee, shopping, and chatting away.

I only saw two other people with a camera…imagine that in Venice?


Later, we hop on the waterbus and head out to the islands. The first stop was Murano, for lunch and some inspirational glass shopping.

Murano Venice After Lockdown

We wandered the quiet streets for a bit before we found a canal-side table for lunch, which normally would be a quite a lucky find.

Dining outdoors is an ideal way to experience authentic eating in Italy. So, put it on the bucket list people!


The next stop was Burano. On a sunny day like this, it was glorious to see the colorful houses.

Exploring Burano is bound to add happiness to the day, especially if you can get there when it’s unpopulated like this.

And if you like photography or mindful travel exploration, it’s the place for you. There’s enough color and texture to keep you focused on the details for hours.


Sunday morning, it’s time to wander the residential Castello district behind St. Mark’s Square.

I pass a only few dozen people in two hours, all locals.

It’s sweet silence and I wonder if I will ever be this way again…

Venice after lockdown is certainly a different place. It has a more local feel and somehow to me it translates to a more authentic wander. It’s truly a dream to be able to experience this spaciousness. It’s the kind of self-care you can never plan, but just allow to unfold when it presents itself.

Mindful Travel in Venice

Maybe the future of travel looks like this…no traffic jams on the Grand Canal! 😉

The Grand Canal After Lockdown With A Few Boats

There has been talk in Italy about this being an opportunity for Venice to reinvent itself. To return to its heritage and keep the mass tourism at bay.

Perhaps a rebirth of slow travel will emerge, along with a more sustainable tourism sector. And that might just be the silver lining of the lockdown, a new and better Venice.

I truly hope Venice returns to it’s roots. An engaging place of art and beauty, that was made to be experienced by the world. Authentically & mindfully.

Cross your fingers because Venice deserves to be slowly experienced by everyone…

It’s one of a kind.

What do you think of Venice after lockdown? Does it make you want to get your ticket today?

I hope you get to experience Venice someday soon, crowds or not it’s worth the trip!

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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