Venice: 7 Spots for Mindful Travel Lovers

Ready to experience mindful travel in Venice? Then you’re going to love these places where you you can really sink into the moment and blissfully connect with the city.

Venice, it’s the ideal place to slow down the pace and use your senses to explore.

A treat for the mind & body, it’s a floating city made for mindful travel.

Where to Find Mindful Venice

The ability to explore on foot makes it easy to get into the cracks and crevices of Venetian life.

The colors, texture and angles will lull you into mindful architectural explorations. And the open lagoon and lapping water will bring a blanket of introspective calm.

This makes Venice an ideal slow travel experience that cultivates well-being.

Of which, I’m a fan!

After all, any wellness travel adventure that allows for slow and meaningful travel is what T & I is all about.

7 Mindful Travel Spots in Venice

There is something particular about the atmosphere in Venice, it feels different than other cities in Italy. Its uniqueness entrances you into another world.

Honestly, it’s quite easy to be mindful when you’re surrounded by so much beauty.

It’s a dreamy world with no deadlines or worries.

There’s just you, Venice, and the present moment.

Finding Wellness as You Explore Venice

We all travel for different reasons and have different travel styles.

Which is why travel is an ideal tool for self development, we can personalize our choices to meet our goals & desires.

The more I travel, the more I call on mindfulness to elevate my experiences and support my well-being.It’s been a real game-changer for my overall health and fulfillment.

7 Mindful Travel Experiences Venice

Living close to Venice in the region of Friuli, a trip to the city has a regular spot on my travel agenda.

If I need a self-care day to myself, Venice is the place. It’s the best place I know to escape the everyday and immerse in another world.

Oh, and photography…it’s a dream for photography and ideal for a mindful photo walk!

Mindful Places Experience in Venice

I’m grateful to be able to regularly visit Venice. So I wanted to share the good stuff… some of the best places to mindfully experience the city.

These are just a few of the many places to turn on your senses to be in the moment.

Without further ado it’s mindful travel, Venetian style.

Relax at Punta Dogana

There is something special about this spot. In fact, it’s one of my favorite places to take in the city.

A wonderful place to relax in Venice, the lapping waves are every bit as wonderful as the view.

Venice: 7 Spots for Mindful Travel Lovers

Because you’re on the tip of The Grand Canal, you feel the breeze on your face…even on a hot day.

Totally engaging is the best way to explain this spot.

Find Reflections in Burano

Burano is mindful eye candy!

Hands down, the colors and textures are what capture the show here.

Venice: 7 Spots for Mindful Travel Lovers

Picturesque Burano is known for the brightly colored fisherman’s houses.

This compact island is an ideal spot to wander aimlessly and take in the colors and reflections. Get your cameras ready!

You can also count on a wandering cat, hanging laundry and a stop at a cafe…or two!

Immerse in The Rialto Fish Market

The fish market is everyday Venice, brought to life through your five senses.

The lively chatting of the vendors is distinct here, as are the smells!

Rialto Fish Market: 7 Mindful Travel Spots in Venice

Wandering the fish market is an experience like no other. Conveniently located near The Rialto Bridge, it’s a not to be missed spot for a lap or two.

In addition, it’s close to some of the best places in the city to eat the traditional Venetian appetizers, Cicchetti.

As well as, a few of the best places to enjoy the coffee culture!

Experience The Glide of a Gondola

People have wide opinions about taking a gondola ride in Venice. But if you’re looking for an immersive & mindful travel experience, it might just be for you.

Mindful Gondola Ride in Venice

Imagine this..quietly gliding along the canal, watching the reflections bounce off of the water, and taking in the awe-inspiring view.

It’s like being suspended in another time and place, if even only for a little bit.

There’s no place to be, but in the moment.

Take in the Sunset

There’s nothing like colors of dusk to bring you into the present moment.

While the best time of year to enjoy the clear sky is winter, anytime of the year can be magical.

There are plenty of places to explore to find your perfect place to photograph or simply take in the view.

Mindful Sunset on The Grand Canal in Venice

Here are three places to love:

  1. Watch the setting sun light up the gold on the front of St. Mark’s Basilica
  2. Sitting on the steps of Santa Maria della Salute Church & watch the sky turn colors over the Grand Canal
  3. Riding the Vaporetto (water bus) & gazing at the colors along The Grand Canal

Absorb St. Mark’s Square at Night

Sadly, most people who visit Venice never get to experience St. Mark’s at night.

In fact, since most visitors are day trippers, they miss one of the most atmospheric experiences in the city.

There is something surreal in wandering this iconic piazza at night. The lights illuminate the classical architecture and it feels like stepping into an old movie.

Wandering here at your own pace is something special and fewer people make it a more reflective travel experience.

Drift into Musica Veneziani

Musici Veneziani is an evening of orchestra featuring Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” .

Performing in 18th century Venetian costumes, the orchestra and singers will lull you into relaxation.

The best thing is you don’t have to do a thing.

Just sit back, relax and let the notes dance across the present moment.

If you enjoy classical music coupled with an intimate church space, this is the ticket!

I hope these mindful travel spots in Venice inspire your next trip. No matter where you roam in the city, just let your senses lead the way.

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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Venice: 7 Spots for Mindful Travel Lovers

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