7 Wellness Inspired Things To Do In Venice

Wellness Things to Do in Venice

If you are looking for some wellness inspired things to do in Venice, you’re in luck! This wellness minded traveler (who just happens to live near by) has got you covered.

Venice is one of the most beautiful and impressive cities in the world, it’s the stuff of dreams.

Undoubtedly why it’s one of the most visited destinations in Italy!

Full of priceless art and architecture, as well as a labyrinth of passageways, canals, and secret corners… it’s truly a unique & mindful place to experience.

Venice is sigh worthy again and again!

Finding Wellness in Venice

As if being inspired by your time in Venice isn’t enough for your well-being, there are plenty of other wellness elements that you can incorporate into any itinerary.

And it’s easy to work wellness elements into your adventures, whether you’re planning a day trip, weekend getaway, or more (which I would highly recommend).

People who come to Venice only for a day or two, are missing out on all of the magic.

Venetian Canal

Wellness travel is a regular part of my self-care tool kit as I ‘m passionate about healthy living.

So, I regularly look to travel in ways that enhance the mind & body.

Since I am only an hour from Venice, it regularly appears on the weekend agenda.

It’s one of my favorite places to do photography, take mindful photo walks, and just escape from everyday life for a while.

It’s pure happiness to spend time in Venice!

So, today I wanted to share some of my well trodden ideas about how you can nurture yourself in Venice.

7 Wellness Things To Do In Venice

Below are 7 simple ways to combine the rich cultural experiences of Venice with some wellness activities.

Only one requires potentially booking ahead of time.

The rest can be easily worked into your agenda, no matter when and where you wander. Making it easy for you to incorporate them as you go.

Take A Walk & Get Lost

Walking is the truly the best way to explore Venice. This means you can comfortably clock some miles while you wander. That’s a win-win!

Wellness Things To Do In Venicee

Walking is also an ideal way to explore like a local and find all of into the nooks & crannies.

You’ll find kids playing, people going about their day, and abandoned corners. Making it an ideal opportunity to simply relax & see where the wind blows you.

Kayak The Canals

Venice is a city built on water. So, why not explore the quiet side canals by kayak? It might just be the highlight of your trip!

Kayaking in Venice

Just imagine, gliding along the green water and taking in all of the mindful details.

You’ll get out of the kayak feeling invigorated from the exercise and inspired by the views.

If you’re interested in supporting eco-sustainable tourism run by locals, try Venice Kayak.

Drink Your Morning Coffee Alongside A Canal

Antioxidants, gooood. Mental escape from life, gooood. Taking time to enjoy “la dolce vita”, goooood.

Wellness Things To Do In Venice

Honestly, this is one of the things I look forward to the most when I spend the day in Venice.

So much so, I wrote an article all about my favorite coffee shops! You can find that here: 7 Places To Experience Venice’s Coffee Culture.

Just think of it, sitting outside next to a placid canal while savoring a frothy cappuccino and mindfully taking in every detail around you. It’s pure bliss in my book.

Have An Aperitivo Outdoors

Venice has a strong cafe culture so, why not partake in the time honored tradition of an aperitivo, or drink.

Whether you stop at a local bar or find an open view over the lagoon, sitting outside to enjoy the fresh air is what Venice is all about.

What better way is there to appreciate the living museum that is Venice?

Aperitivo On Canal Venice

The Venetians are actually known for having aperitivo in the morning, so don’t worry if it seems a bit early. Just go with the flow and enjoy the chance to do something different, even if it is before noon 😉.

Indulge In Fresh Seafood

When in Venice, seafood is on the menu! It’s healthy, fresh, and a unique mix of salt & fresh water fare.

Wellness Things To Do In Venice

Be on the lookout for the local “Chichetti” dishes. This is the authentic venetian food you definitely want to try.

These small plates of finger foods (seafood, tiny open faced sandwiches, olives, vegetables, and other other nibbles) are meant for casual dining.

Often times the bacari (local bars) where they are served are small, so crowds spill out into the alleys. Where its standing room only to partake and enjoy socializing with locals.

Find Solace In A Church

You may be surprised to know that there are over 100 churches in Venice!

Which means that as you aimlessly wander, there are plenty of built-in stops for quiet contemplation.

Find Solitude in A Venice Church

It would be a pity to visit Venice and not experience the atmosphere of the many churches, both big and small.

Venture in to any one and you will be met with beautiful alters, gold icons, and paintings by the masters like Tintoretto and Bellini. And often the lovely aroma of incense.

Each one is inspirational in its own way and the ideal place to contemplate the many artistic gifts that have come before us (and life itself if you feel inclined).

Relax On A Boat

Boats provide a unique perspective of Venice and it’s something everyone should experience. You can sit back and let your mind & body relax while someone else does the driving for once.

The iconic way to go is of course, a gondola ride.

Being at one with the water and gliding under the towering architecture is a pensive experience.

If you start from a quiet side canal, it can also be quite solitary and peaceful.

7 Wellness Things To Do In Venice

Another option, is to take the Vaporetto down the Grand Canal. This way you can see the marble and mosaics of the grand palaces up close & personal. At night, it’s downright atmospheric and will etch a positive memory in your heart for years to come!

The vaporetto is easier on the wallet (leaving more money for wine), but it can get quite crowded during high season. So in that case, just think of it as lively adventure you share with others. 😉

Need more R & R ideas? Read 7 Ideal Places to Relax in Venice.

Which of these wellness things to do in Venice will you dive into first? If you said all of them, you’re one smart cookie!

until the next time…
live well – travel well – be well

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7 Wellness Things To Do In Venice
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