50 Things To Do On A Wellness Day Trip

50 Things To Do On A Wellness Day Trip

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Travel tips to help you take care of the mind & body.

Need a day away from it all ? Want to inject your life with some much-needed energy ?
Perhaps a wellness day trip is just what the doctor ordered…

We all need a break from time to time.

A chance to recharge the batteries, as well as to boost our happiness & well-being.

Day trips are fun and provide little injections of R & R. And who wouldn’t welcome a bit more of that in their self-care routine these days!

50 Things To Do On A Wellness Day Trip

Travel is the perfect avenue to enhance health & well-being.

It’s why I’m a passionate advocate for wellness travel, no matter how short or long the trip.

Wellness travel is truly for everyone because activities that support the mind and body can be worked into any itinerary…even the good ole day trip!

And these days, it seems like we could all use a few more opportunities to relax, reboot, & rejuvenate!

A much needed chance to digitally detox & reconnect with ourselves.

Planning a Wellness Day Trip

Last week I wrote all about how to plan a wellness day trip.

As a follow-up, this week’s post includes more specific activities that you can work into a wellness day trip. Things that enhance the mind & body.

The key to planning wellness travel, no matter how long the trip is to personalize it fit your current needs and interests. So, consider these ideas a starting point to get the creative juices flowing.

Then go talk to family & friends to see what ideas they call on when they need a getaway. You never know what great idea is out there waiting just for you.

Hopefully, these kinds of day trips tide you over until you can get away for your next wellness weekend getaway or even your dream vacation to England, Scotland, or Italy!

50 Engaging Wellness Activities for Travel

Here are 50 ideas for your wellness travel toolkit.

Arranged in four sections, it will give you a holistic look at the small yet powerful ways you can infuse wellness into your travel adventures as you cultivate better well-being.

Nourish Your Mind & Body

1. enjoy a leisurely artisan coffee
2. head to a farmers market
3. stop at a roadside food stand
4. go strawberry picking
5. take a food tour
6. try a new ethnic food


7. dive into some street food
8. visit a winery
9. pack a picnic with your favorite foods
10. eat at an organic cafe/restaurant
11. indulge in a gourmet meal
12. dine alfresco
13. take a cooking class

Boost Your Energy With Exercise

14. take a mindful photo walk
15. find a walking tour
16. rent a bike
17. go hiking
18. do yoga in a park
19. try a new outdoor activity

20. swim
21. play pool
22. go ice skating
23. try canoeing
24. geocache
25. go dancing

Disconnect With Tech-Free Activities

26. book a spa treatment
27. take a drive in the countryside
28. take a boat ride
29. go horseback riding
30. cloud watch
31. find a high vantage point & take in the view
32. sit near water & relax

33. visit a garden
34. wander a museum
35. spend time in a park
36. roam an art gallery
37. find a quiet spot & daydream
38. visit a place of spiritual significance

Find Fun & Enjoyment

39. go to a flea market
40. browse in a bookshop
41. take public transport just for fun
42. go antiquing
43. listen to live music
44. wander a boardwalk


45. go to an arcade
46. find a local festival
47. take a class or workshop
48. attend a wellness event
49. explore local markets
50. go to a play or musical

Time to start planning your next wellness day trips!

Check out this resource if you want to take a deeper dive into planning a trip that’s just right for you: 10 Questions To Help You Plan A Wellness Vacation.

until the next time…
…live well – travel well – be well

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