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There is no denying that wellness travel is having a moment, and it's about time. When you take something as enriching as travel and marry it to well-being, good things are bound to happen!

We all want to live well. To make the most of our experiences. To live richly and deeply. To make connections. To find joy. And to find some sanity in this fast-paced modern world. 

Travel is a way to well-being.
Allowing us to experience life in ways that enrich the mind, body, & spirit.

Wellness travel is travel that improves personal well-being. It's travel that allows us to engage, learn, discover and transform. And it's travel that helps us to connect with ourselves, others, & nature.

Most importantly, wellness travel is about putting health & well-being at the center of your travels. 
No matter how or when you do it.

what you'll find...


Been there, done that wellness travel guides...never canned advice.


Ideas & insights you can personalize for your own health needs & motivations.


Every piece of content has takeaways to help you live & travel well.

Explore how to transform your health & well-being...

Use this simple (and free) Wellness Travel Planner to plan your next trip. Because you deserve to thrive!

 through travel.


- greg anderson

"Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit -
the realization that everything we
do, think, feel & believe
has an affect on our state of well-being."

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Wellness Things To Do Series

This blog series explores different wellness inspired activities & experiences by destination. These are some of the gems I love!

8 Wellness Things To Do In Krakow

10 Wellness Things To Do In Venice

8 Wellness Things To Do In Edinburgh

8 Wellness Things To Do In Port Isaac

Wellness Travel Guides

The destination wellness travel guides include travel ideas to enhance all areas of your health. Each guide includes ideas about walks, active adventures, nature opportunities, mindful spaces, quiet places, learning & discovery, nourishing foods, spas, & accommodation.

Cornwall Wellness Travel Guide 

London Wellness Travel Guide 


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beautiful travel 


Self Care & Travel

Self-care is crucial for our well-being. So you can better nourish the mind & body, here are a few tools to help keep self-care on the front burner. 

Self-Care Travel Guide

Grief & Travel: Practical Tips To Help You Cope On The Road

5 Nourishing Mind & Body Travel Tools

Digitally Disconnect

Technology has invaded every part of our modern lives. So, it's no surprise that sometimes our minds & bodies need a break. 
If you are ready to hit pause on tech so you can relax, restore & recharge...here are some resources to help you plan & enjoy tech-free travel adventures.

The Ultimate Guide To Mindful Travel

7 Ways to Relax & Unwind on Vacation

Nature Travel

There's no doubt about it, spending time in blue & green spaces is good for our well-being. Here's a selection of nature adventures.

Seceda: A Dolomite Hike With Awe-Inspiring Views

Dean Village: A Tranquil Oasis In The Heart Of Edinburgh

A Stroll in Prior Park Garden

more well-being...

 Make the most of your dream trip to Italy! Head to the Italy page to dive into wellness inspired adventures...with lots of local insights.

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