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Wellness travel is about putting health & well-being at the center of travel. It's taking time to reclaim what on-the-go lifestyles have put on the back burner, well-being! So, if you want to know how to plan wellness adventures, this is the guide for you.

Wellness Travel:
travel that proactively seeks
to maintain or enhance the
mind, body & spirit. As well as support or increase one's sense of well-being.

Wellness travel is growing as people are becoming more motivated to 
live & travel better. 

Since you are here, I bet you too are looking to travel in ways that are healthier, more authentic and provide stronger connections.

Sometimes people travel with the primary purpose of wellness in mind, like a yoga retreat. Yet, a growing majority of travelers simply wish to incorporate elements of wellness into their travels. This means that wellness travel is for just about everyone. 

This wellness travel guide is for those of you who are looking to infuse wellness into your wanderlust travel plans, whether a little or a lot! So you can better explore, immerse, savor & enjoy!

3 things to consider...


Supporting & enhancing well-being is most effective with intentional planning ahead of time.


Choose locations that suit both your health needs and speak to your intuition.


Seek out activities and experiences  that will bring you joy and enhance your health & well-being. 

 the 3 parts to planning


Consider the types of places and amenities that would increase your sense of well-being. And don't forget about the comfort factor!


Choose locations that suit both your health needs and speak to your intuition. Go someplace that you get excited about.


Incorporate activities that enhance your mind, body and spirit. And don't forget to add in activities that you love and enjoy doing.

Things to consider when

choosing wellness accommodations

Start by asking yourself what kind of environment would be conducive to your health needs & trip goals.

Think about what amenities, services & activities are offered or available in the area.

to support the body look for fitness amenities, pool, proximity to outdoor pursuits, custom sleep experiences & organized wellness programs.

Relax the mind with saunas, spas and locations that offer peace & quiet or are immersed in nature.

And To connect with others try options that have more direct connections with proprietors- B & B, family-run hotels or Homestay.

Wellness Destinations

Think about locations that:

have trails for walking, hiking &/or biking, active & outdoor pursuits water, as well as  rivers, lakes, oceans or thermal baths

are located near:

parks & green spaces, wildlife experiences,  food markets, tours and/or cooking classes  & fresh,  seasonal & sustainable foods

Where you can find:

spaces & places for relaxation, spiritual places (churches, temples or religious monuments) to explore, or courses & workshops for intellectual discovery

All destinations have something to off the wellness minded traveler. So, when planning a trip itinerary, first consider your passions and interests.

Visit somewhere that gets you heart fluttering!

You're re more likely to immerse yourself in travel when the destinations resonate with your personal goals and desires.

Be sure to choose locations that suit both your health needs & speak to your intuition.

Wellness  Activities

Travel offers countless activities & experiences  to enrich your health & well-being. Whether you want to relax & unwind, be active, reconnect with nature, or discover fabulous food, there are so many experiences waiting for you.  Considering how to enrich the mind, body, & spirit is an easy approach.

MIND: Take a local class or workshop, find an activity that pushes you out of your comfort zone, book a digital free experience or peak your intellectual curiosity & try a Context Travel Tour.

BODY:  Head to the spa, take a walking tour, rent a bike, try a new outdoor pursuit, eat lunch from local food market, or book an immersive food experience with locals through Eatwith or BonAppetour.

SPIRIT: Carve out alone time, make a pilgrimage to a place of spiritual significance, experience awe by watching a sunset, or get close to wildlife (birdwatch, snorkel or go boating).

Planning Your Self-Care

If you are traveling solo, then much of your own self-care will already be wrapped-up in your planning.

But, if you are traveling with others, you'll want to take some time to plan out your own self-care.

Click below to visit these T & I resources that will help you maintain your health on the road. 

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Travel Your Way to Well-Being

Travel is so much more than a mere collection of wonderful experiences. It's also about how our lives are enriched by the journey.

Travel helps us to experience joy, connection, & gratitude. It allows us to find change in ourselves.
And perhaps most importantly, it helps us to transform into a better version of ourselves.

And, thank goodness for that!

Explore how to transform your health & well-being...

Use this simple (and free) Wellness Travel Planner to plan your next trip. Because you deserve to thrive!

 through travel.


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